Babylon Podcast #103: Walkabout (Season 3)

Welcome to Show #103!

With the Vorlon away, the geeks will play.

Deep Geeking: Edmund joins Tim and Summer for episode geeking this week, covering “Walkabout”, a bridge episode that packs a lot of punch in some areas and that seems to fall off pace in others (in Summer’s opinion, anyway).

We see Dr Franklin, hanging around in Down-Below, searching for something, but not quite sure yet. What he finds for a time could be a reflection of his own situation, or something else entirely. Then we meet the replacement Vorlon ambassador, and Lyta returns to the station, to resume her duties with the new Vorlon, desperate to find out what happened to Kosh, and volunteers for a field trip on the White Star.

Isn’t life just a little more interesting with telepaths on board?

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Summer is still looking for one more of the long versions of the B5 promos that ran on TNT prior to Season 5, the ones narrated by Keith David… anyone have any old VHS copies of S5 they taped from TNT? Specifically, the :30 spots, one featuring Ivanova and the other G’Kar… they were part of the series of ads TNT ran promoting the addition of B5 to their lineup. We have a copy of the G’Kar one, now we’re holding out that someone out there has the Ivanova one!

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  1. Gazerbeam says

    There *was* a Vorlon in a Hawaiian shirt. It was the distant cousin to Kosh…. Wash. 🙂

  2. T_M_Costiss says


    Keep up the great work, guys! It’s awesome to still see dedicated fans out there. Love your show.


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