Babylon Podcast #104: Grey 17 is Missing (Season 3)

Welcome to Show #104!

Tim and Summer get all excited about this week’s show, but once again Jeffrey can’t join us. We’re really starting to miss the Vorlon, especially his insight on how occassionally recurring characters are handled in terms of scheduling and possible double-bookings.

Babylon 5 is now on Joost. Go watch!

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer geek on “Grey 17 is Missing”, and the consensus is that half the episode is amazing, in terms of story, future implications, and charged emotional situations, and the other half is… well, I think even after 10 years we’re still trying to figure that out.

Listener Feedback: Gene from Greenville wonders if the Minbari Civil War might have gone longer if JMS had known sooner that the 5th season was secure; Jeremy in Denver has listened to the first 100 Babylon Podcast episodes over the past two months in order to catch up, and comments on seeing aspects of B5 Season 1 from a different perspective.

Your feedback does matter, and is welcome! You can call, or email us and tell us what you think… and likely hear it played or read on the show. Please try to keep the voicemail comments as brief as possible.

Summer is still looking for one more of the long versions of the B5 promos that ran on TNT prior to Season 5, the ones narrated by Keith David… anyone have any old VHS copies of S5 they taped from TNT? Specifically, the :30 spots, one featuring Ivanova and the other G’Kar… they were part of the series of ads TNT ran promoting the addition of B5 to their lineup. We have a copy of the G’Kar one, now we’re holding out that someone out there has the Ivanova one!

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  1. Johnny from Uppsala says

    Great geeking, considering the episode which somehow manages to be both great and horrible.

    The Delenn part is amazingly good written and important plotwise. Not to speak of how much deapth it gives Neroon who must be one of the shows most complex and well developed secondary characters.

    I do agree that the Minbari civil war, which gives Mira some probably very painful but amazing acting moments, is sadly underdeveloped and probably would have been given more time it JMS had known about the 5th season.

    However, the civil war was probably a very short one. We have evidence of some battleships who apparently are loyal to the religious cast, but on the whole the religious cast was totaly defenseless.

    Again, great show!

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