It was the last of the JMS Babylon 5 script books…..

Volume 14 is now available for order @

The scripts included are “The Wheel of Fire”, “Objects in Motion”, “Objects at Rest”, and “In The Beginning”

You’ll also get a replica of the highlights of J. Michael Straczynski’s Producer’s Notebook for “In the Beginning. Volume 14 is also packed with other goodies, including the opening narration credit voice-over scripts, more exclusive photos and an appendix for the script books, and much more.

Short of having JMS visit your home, and explaining how it all happened, you won’t find a better resource.

Production of the script books is due to end in May, so please don’t hesitate any longer.

Now is the time to act!


Special Reminder:

JMS will be personally signing every copy of Volume 15.

The only way to get volume 15 is if you purchase all 14 books. You must purchase volumes 1-13 plus buy 14 to get volume 15 and if you haven’t bought them from Cafe Press you need to pay the “reasonable” price of $562.06.

Volume 15 will also include the Babylon 5 writer’s bible, a breakdown of the entire 5 year story arc, with Sinclair, a detailed analysis of cut and altered scenes between the scripts and the episodes.

To see all the goodies included in volume 15 go to

Thanks to Summer and Jim Carr for helping with this post.


  1. Neil Ottenstein says

    I received my copy of Volume 15 a couple of days ago and went straight to the 5 year arc breakdown. I was quite surprised by what I saw.

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