Babylon Podcast #109: Z’ha’dum (Season 3)

Welcome to Show #109!

No Jeffrey this week. No Vorlon puns. Tim and Summer are sad, but it passes after a moment.

Deep Geeking: Call it uber geeking. Mike McCafferty rejoins Tim and Summer to discuss “Z’ha’dum”, the season 3 finale, containing one of the most delicious and exasperating cliffhangers ever visited upon scifi tv fans.

Guess what? Thanks to “Babylon Podcast” listener Don McMillan, Summer is finally going to get copies of the remaining TNT B5 promos! Yes, once they’re ready, we’ll make them available for you to listen to and download.

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  1. I am just drooling with anticipation to listen to this one!

  2. I don’t remember this show up in my feeds. I’m sad but glad that I get to listen to it now.

  3. And I don’t remember the Shadow Dancing geeking!

  4. tim the First One says

    Kurt, check show 107. C’mon, don’t you remember the riveting geeking on haircuts??

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