Babylon Podcast #110: The Hour of the Wolf (Season 4)

Welcome to Show #110!

When the boys are away, the girls will rule the geekdom. Or just play harder.

Deep Geeking: Summer welcomes Cat (SciFi Ranter Girl from the Lipstick Aliens), graphics designer and huge B5 fan (and long-time chat room denizen) Cat Hulberg, and Susie the Southern Geek (host of How to Grow Your Geek) to come onboard and Deep Geek on “The Hour of the Wolf”, the Season 4 premiere episode.

Here you have the women in John Sheridan’s life going through various stages of denial, grief and bargaining, in an attempt to find out for sure what happened to him at Z’ha’dum, and by the end of the episode, there’s still no closure in dealing with what happened, nor any new insight into knowing what did happen.

The girls geek on.

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  1. JamieSG says

    Was really happy to hear an all girl deep geeking.
    I was suprised and a little unhappy it was as short as it was. Women always seem to find more depth and meaning then guys, I really expected a lot more. How about the interaction between the three women on the white star and their connection to Sheridan and each other. How about how how Ivanova talked about her Father and the Hour of the wolf? Or why did they Shadow voice sound like their father?
    Hope to hear more from the women on this in the forum, you rule!

  2. GaryTheGreat says

    It was a great episode, but please bring the guys back.

  3. What, you’d rather have lame puns from the boys than smart girls talking? That hurts!

    I’ll have better notes for the next all-girls show, promise.

  4. There was never an episode of Gilmore Girls where Lorelai and Rory talked at their rapid pace about B5, but had there been, I know now what it would’ve sounded like. 😉

  5. ZackfromCali says

    Way too short! Bring the girls back! Longer deep geeking next time!

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