Babylon Podcast #111: Feedbackapalooza

Welcome to Show #111!

Jeffrey’s happy, preparing to celebrate Kosho de Mayo, and giddy about the Dodgers winning big. Because Jeff’s heading out to Hawaii, talk wandered over to his appearance on the show in a Hawaiian shirt and overalls.

Community Project: Find the Hawaiian shirts worn on the show. We need to make a list.

JMS will be attending Cannes Film Festival, to screen Changeling, and is all sorts of busy writing other feature film scripts. Could JMS be writing the screenplay for Lensman? Summer is intrigued about the prospect of a movie about Rising Stars.

Listener Feedback: Feedbackapalooza! It’s a word that’s sticking now.

Mick comments on the baseball talk in both Babylon 5 and Star Trek: in B5, baseball is still alive, and in Star Trek the sport is long dead, but in DS9 baseball is back and strong. How’d that happen? Mick also points out other similarities between B5 and DS9. Gary wants to know what screen credits Jeffrey has where he can be seen sans encounter suit, and asks again about the Mayport story. Should there be a warning label for the George Johnsen interview? We can’t help it if you laugh out loud and distract your co-workers.

One vote submitted for a SciFi AllStars baseball team… and a question on whether Marcus could play baseball extrapolated from his skill with a Minbari fighting pike. Bethany from OK comments on “And The Rock Cried Out…” and on the one B5 episode to show someone new to the series. Eli thinks we missed a point in talking about “Z’ha’dum”, the hypocrisy/irony of Justin’s statements to Sheridan. Scott from the Gigcast proudly announces that he’s rented Season 1 Disc 1 and is about to dive into the series for the first time.

Theory: Zima is the modern replacement to the never-endingly regifted fruitcake. That’s the real reason why Zima exists in the 24th century… it kept getting passed on. Edmund adds some info from the Technomage trilogy to explain what happened during the White Star assault on Z’ha’dum (Galen did it). This leads to a discussion about what was going on on Z’ha’dum, if there was sleeping, or if it was a trap, or something else.

Non-sequitur: Pixar, Disney, wha?

Emails: Kurt from St George drops by the studio! Warlord adds commentary from JMS about the sacrifice of the White Star, taken from the back of one of the cards in the second series of trading cards. Aristotle wonders about how to direct new listeners to special podcast episodes first. Emily wonders about matching up Romo Lampkin vs Mr Morden. Jeffrey S wonders why human telepaths need to be on a line of sight when the Minbari telepaths could interfere with the Shadow ships from safely in the depths of their ships.

Gene from Greenville wonders what we’d want from what might be your last care package from home. Bill points out what he thinks is the worst plot hole in “Grey 17 is Missing”. Kate from Chicagoland wonders what Kosh’s personal effects may have been.

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