Technomage Trilogy on eBay

Pete in Cincinnati spotted something on eBay:

If either of you are still looking for “Summoning Light” by Jeanne Cavelos, you might check ebay.

There’s a hardcover version of the whole trilogy up for auction. No bids yet, 99 cent minimum, 3.50 to ship. Ends on May 21st.

The Passing of the Techno-Mages by Jeanne Cavelos

I found the auction after I decided to try to pick up the novels but before I found them all at Half Price Books.

Feel free to pass this along to others if you don’t want to bid on it.

Thus, I pass it on to you guys.

I’ve never seen a hardcover omnibus collection of these before… if anyone out there knows where these came from, let me know. I’ll do some digging myself later.


  1. The Omnibus collections were published by the science fiction book club.

  2. The book was published by the Science Fiction Book Club a
    few years ago. They have also published hardback editions of the other two Babylon 5 trilogies. I do not know if they still offer them today.

  3. IIRC, it was an omnibus volume put together by the Science Fiction Book Club. I vaguely recall them pulling all the later trilogies together in that fashion.

  4. Warlord2k says:

    U can find them all on 🙂 Just search for Babylon 5 and hardcover:D

  5. GaryTheGreat says:

    Just as a follow up the book sold for $106 with shipping.

  6. Warlord2k says:

    Yepp, I know:P I pushed it that high up and then noticed it was on amazon for half the price:P hehehe