Babylon Podcast #113: The Summoning (Season 4)

Welcome to Show #113!

Jeffrey secretly traverses the back hallways of VH-1 in search of quiet place to chat with us, and Tim has questions about the B5 action figures, seeing as how he came across a rare Ivanova variant and didn’t know it until we told him. But he opened it, alas.

Jeffrey also thinks that all of the female action figures on that run all had the exact same faces, so we’re sure someone will investigate. Summer never collected the action figures, and instead focused on the trading cards.

(kudos to Brad for the funny sound effects)

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer discuss “The Summoning”. There are many levels summoning going on in this episode, so the title is more apropos than initially apparent.

Discussion: Tim asks Jeffrey about the long tracking shot at the opening of this episode, and about how the sets were built to allow for longer shots to be made, and whether or not the crew had fun wrapping Jerry Doyle in a massive amounts of clingwrap. Could it have been the Snackman supplying the cling wrap?

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  1. GaryTheGreat says

    I love Brad’s extra effects. I think the Teaser trailer should be before every deep geeking segment.

    Maybe Brad can retroactively put them into all the previous episodes.

  2. * Thwacks Gary * ALL the previous episodes? Dude are ya trying to kill me? LOL….hmmm Maybe if a set of scriptbooks showed up on my doorstep I could be pursuaded to do it. 😛

  3. I am slooooowly catching up on podcasts here.

    I am so glad Tim mentioned at the end about Sheridan’s coming back from the dead not really working for him. It never worked for me either! I thought I was the only person who felt that way. For me, I think it’s because in most shows you don’t really have a fear that the main character will die. And in sci-fi, even less because there’s all sorts of explanations you can use to get out of it. So there was never much suspsense for me in that way. I think I never quite understood what Lorien did to him either. And also because despite all the good examples that were given in the podcast, I never saw post-Z’Ha’Dum Sheridan as being that markedly different than the pre- version. This is a major point of the show and yet for me it never hit me the way I think it was supposed to.

    All of this is subject to change as I continue watching. I discovered the series for the very first time late last year and flew through it way too fast! When I discovered this podcast I started all over again. It could be that my views will change as I continue to try to absorb the events of the show a little more slowly this time, and as I continue to think about things.

    Once again, thank you! I adore listening to the show. Even when y’all might disagree on a point, there’s always that benefit of the doubt given to the other person and a genuine consideration of the points they are making. I think that’s fantastic, and very rare – in fandom, and in life.

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