Babylon Podcast #114: Falling Toward Apotheosis (Season 4)

Welcome to Show #114!

Tim and Summer are eager for tonight’s episode, but Jeffrey is nowhere to be found. By a twist of fate, our in-studio guest, James Paul (Scicomer), is not only a Babylon 5 fan, he’s also a researcher involved with the newest Mars lander, and he brought Script Book Volume 15 and a bottle of Corralejo with him!

And then, there was much Mars geeking.

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer, with James, discuss the pivotal events in Falling Towards Apotheosis. Taking on the Vorlons is a bold move, even for someone who’s returned from the dead.

Discussion: James tells us how he discovered Babylon 5, how he was on set to watch the filming of Londo’s arthropod battle scene in “Sic Transit Vir”, his meeting of June Lockhart and of The Great Maker.

In addition to letting Summer stroke and paw his pretty copy of Volume 15, James has also made the Library of Congress aware of the script books to they can acquire copies for the archive. He also wants to figure out how to get a “definitive” collection of science fiction works in the archive as well, so if anyone has any suggestions, take a peek at the online catalog to see if any of your favorite classics or groundbreaking works aren’t in there yet.

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  1. The Great Luke Ski at just put out something we all can appreciate: A parody of the Beastie Boys called “No Sleep ’til Babylon”

    It rocks.

  2. LOL…way ahead of ya my friend! Stay tuned to the next episode of the show that comes across the feed.

  3. Centauri_Ranger says

    OMG! I just sharted myself listening to that song! 5 Years definitely has some competition as best B5 song…altho that Mo-lar-iiiii song is pretty great too.

  4. ZackfromCali says

    JMS…says he wont come on so that this podcast can be for other people from B5 to have their moment? Wow, for such a great writer that is the lamest thing I ever heard. What a joke.

  5. BillyTexasStyle says

    The podcast can’t be honest about JMS because if they did JMS would shut them down.

  6. Based on how many screenplays he has in production right now, it’s fair to say that was a diplomatic way of saying “Thanks kids, but I’m really busy right now!”

    And we’ve been very honest about the episodes that incorporate some less-than-stellar plotting and execution, and shutting down fan-productions that help promote the hell outta B5 isn’t his style.

    I just hope that continues to be the case when we get to Season 5 🙂

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