Babylon Podcast #115: Feedbackapalooza

Welcome to Show #115!

Sorry this is late to the feed… technical issues ran rampant.

Tim, Summer, Jeffrey and Michael are joined by Anna, live in studio (she’s in town for a conference), and she’s just in time to experience Feedbackapalooza!

But first, Summer gets to ask Jeffrey about the production side of detonating Kosh’s helmet in “Falling Towards Apotheosis”, and we learn about the dangers of using too much primacord on a television set.

Voicemail: Eli from Portland contrasts Vir’s and Londo’s ability to apologize; Gary wonders about the discrepancies between Vorlons creating human telepaths and the assumption that they were created as cannon fodder in the war; Gary again, wanting to know about the state of homelessness on Earth and buying into the government’s statement that no one was homeless; Bethany from OK is angry that none of the BSG people realize that their story’s roots come from trails blazed by B5 and other old scifi shows; Gary disagrees with Tim’s comment that the Shadows didn’t have a Sheridan contingency plan; John from Jersey got his Script Book Volume 15; Gary relays JMS’ comments on the monster in “Grey 17 is Missing”; Starfury spotted at the Air & Space Museum; Gary again, thanking Brad’s editing skills in pulling the finished show together; John from Jersey comments on the B5 episode scheduling during first run (one more time, it was different in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh); Gary wonders why it seems that Morden is still hanging out on the station after the Shadows start moving openly; Josh from Bangor weighs in on the Shadows picking Garibaldi’s Starfury out of the pack that was milling around.

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Music: “No Sleep ’til Babylon” by The great Luke Ski


  1. GaryTheGreat says

    No problem with the show being late Summer. I blame Brad.

  2. Well, this one’s not Brad’s fault in any way. Different providers of Internet services all experienced different clusterfraks of their own. Problem was, they happened all at the same time.

    Those problems seem to have all been resolved, but better things are on the way!

  3. *THWACK* LOL….that one is for you Gary! ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Second show in a row that will not download thru my podcast catcher, and this one won’t even download from this page!

  5. Mycroft — I just tried downloading via the direct link here on the site, and it works just fine. Granted it is a little slow, but it is downloading without a hitch. What podcatcher are you using? It could just be that yours is timing out b/c of the slow downloading.

  6. ZackfromCali says

    When will you admit that Gary is really JMS?

  7. GaryTheGreat says

    LOL Zack. I am not JMS, but I do have a few signed pieces from JMS that are signed to Gary the Great ๐Ÿ™‚

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