Babylon Podcast #116: Feedbackapalooza, Extra Crispy

Welcome to Show #116!

We have extra feedback to get through, so you know what that means? Feedbackapalooza, part 2!!

Anna is still here, live in studio, and since we’re on a feedback roll, we just kept it going…

Email: Al recounts a B5 group viewing that included a local TV critic who viewed “Severed Dreams” with them; Mitch O wants to know what favorite part of the show we’d like to have seen expanded upon, and what parts would we have wanted to see less of; George Brickner tells us about his B5 action figure collection, which leads to a discussion of some of the goodies Tim and Summer each have; Bill W recounts B5 airing schedules back in the day; Kazzy wants to know what other awesome episodes to listen to; Paul in Vegas wants to know when to view “In The Beginning”, chronologically speaking; Joe D requests the addition of reviews of the Script Books… all we need is a volunteer who has all 15 volumes and some extra time.

Bill laments the poor portrayal of Nightwatch members in “Ceremonies of Light and Darkness”; Molly adds a theory about the failure (or non-activation) of the Z’ha’dum planetary defense systems; Brendan wants to know how young someone can successfully be introduced to Babylon 5, and we suggest he start listening to How to Grow Your Geek, hosted by Susie the Southern Geek.

Jeffrey joins us for a message from Jason, who wants to know if there were any more music offerings from Andreas besides the collaboration album featuring B5 cast members.

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  1. Wow…after calling in a mini-commentary on the original B5 arc from Volume 15, the gang STILL can’t remember that I exist when they’re thinking of people who have all the script books!

    Seriously, what does a guy have to do?


  2. Oh John, don’t feel bad, I’m a fan of yours – and I’m also president of Tim’s fan club – that has to count for something!


  3. I couldn’t remember if it was you or Gary that had them all, but Tim seemed to recall that someone who did have them all said that they’d give us a review of all of the books…

    I know how busy you are, but that wasn’t you, was it?

  4. Val:



    I do have them all, and I believe Gary does as well. I haven’t volunteered, but if no one comes forward by the end of the week, I could pick it up without too much trouble.

  5. GaryTheGreat says

    I was the one who volunteered. I have the whole series up through OV2 so far.
    I have a review of book one written, and I’m hoping to record it tonight.

    Life has been getting in the way of my recording for the podcast. Don’t you just hate that?

  6. heh…..wish I could have afforded to pick up the script books!

  7. I also have all of them, but I am only going through each script very slowly (as seen on my blog), though I have gone through most of the intros and bonus material.

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