Babylon Podcast #117: The Long Night (Season 4)

Welcome to Show #117!

Tim and Summer are again flying without Jeffrey, but Tim reads some news from JMS posted to the news group about his experience at Cannes, and hinting that more news would be coming soon on a new project. Summer really wants to know more about this “Ninja Assassin” movie JMS has written… it’s an imperative!

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer jump into Deep Geeking on “The Long Night”. Tim does not like the title of this episode because for him, it doesn’t reflect or evoke anything significant from the episode for him. What do you think?

Sheridan finds a way to make a stand against the Shadows and the Vorlons at the same time, and convinces the League to stand together with him; and Londo’s and G’Kar’s plans come to fruition in an unexpected way. There’s plenty of emotional impact to go around, and despite Tim’s dislike of the episode title, he agrees that it’s one of the better all-around episodes.

Chit-Chat: Jeffrey joins us for the episode closing, and he gives us an update on the Space Station flyby viewing from Los Angeles. Kurt in St George weighs in on Tim’s comments on Shadows vs The Empire… he takes Tim to task, while also risking invoking the wrath of TD-0013, and also has a different view on Shadows vs Borg. Kurt… you need to detox from the Rock Star overdose!!

Also, Tim has wrangled an interview with The great Luke Ski, so stay tuned for that, coming up soon!

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  1. GaryTheGreat says

    Yea the shows out on time! Brad didn’t delay it this week.
    Thanks Summer.

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  3. BillyTexasStyle says

    First there was the ‘great maker’ then came…Brad the ‘great editor’…thanks for kicking it old school B5 style!

  4. ZackfromCali says

    Thanks Brad for adding some tech gems to a podcast about the future.

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