Babylon Podcast #118: Interview with The great Luke Ski

Welcome to Show #118!

Tim, Summer and Jeffrey welcome Brad on the line, and Kris in studio. The puns are out of control.

The great Luke Ski

Interview: We are pleased this week to talk with The great Luke Ski, creator of the new FuMP hit, “No Sleep ’til Babylon”.

Luke tells us about his being a B5 fan, of creating this song and many many others. Luke also tells us about the fundraising drive to help out Tom Smith.

We try to put Luke to the test and come up with potential songs on the spot… will he get back to us later with some gems? We’ll have to wait and see.

Oh yeah… Ding.

Voicemail: Gary from Jacksonville needs clarification on whether the caves where Sheridan met Lorien were real, or metaphorical, being a construct where Lorien “caught” him; Gary needs clarification on when the 20-year deadline was set on the remainder of Sheridan’s life; Arkle gives us his thoughts on why B5 isn’t as high in the public consciousness as Buffy and other shows (and battles his cat in the process), and thinks the teaser ads on PTEN may have been the problem.

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Link: The great Luke Ski
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  1. I offer this recent find for best B5 parody…

    Watch to the end for the whole song.

  2. says

    …It was asked in a recent podcast for someone with knowledge of Buddhist texts to confirm the story about deer sacrificing themselves by jumping in front of an archer to defend the Buddha, like the White Star ships were doing to protect Sheridan.
    I thought, “maybe I can help! I’m the only Buddhist Pollack I know who’s also a Babylon Geek. I will offer my assistance, because, as you know, “we live for the One”.
    Anyhow, the story referred to is from the Jataka Tales, a collection of apocryphal parables about the life of the Buddha, compiled around the 4th century.
    … Hope that helps! Keep Deep Geeking!
    – Oh; can we hear more on the podcast about the love relationship between Lanier and Delenn, and the Arthurian parallels and all that? That was always my favorite subplot.

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