Babylon Podcast #119: B5 Fan Rescue Efforts

Welcome to Show #119!

Michael, Summer and Jeffrey recap the FarPoint Fool Party for the group, and Tim really wishes he could have visted the heat and enjoyed the fun. Summer still doesn’t understand the appeal and attraction of this game called Washers.

Interview: Amy Guskin joins us to talk about her efforts to organize a group of B5 fans to acquire an original G’Kar mask and donate it to the Museum of the Moving Image in New York.

And you thought the Browncoats were good at organizing rescue efforts…

Discussion: Today, in sector 14, Tim had no emails or voicemails pulled aside, so there’s nothing to discuss. Pay no attention to the live stream from the party… there’s nothing happening here.

And because Jeffrey mentioned wanting 5 more years of doing the series, all of a sudden, Summer’s imagining he and Bruce starring in an updated rendition of Butch and Sundance…

Questions from the chat room: Mike Stark wants to know what Jeffrey liked least about working on the show; Neroon wants to know what the preferred beverage would be if Zima could be replaced (because the beer would go skunky!); what B5 episode without commentary would you have liked to have heard commentary on (we should make a list).

Link: Amy Guskin
Link: Museum of the Moving Image

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  1. GaryTheGreat says

    Wow miss a live feed show, and I feel out of the loop. Cool interview. Thanks TIm, Summer, and Jeffrey.

  2. ChristopherNYC says

    Tremendous interview.
    A real B5 hero for us fans out here.

    “Late breaking news” from B5? ROFLOL!

    Do people know about the dedicated Babylonpodcast Forum @ Farpointmedia?

  3. Centauri_Ranger says

    Live feed archive?
    Am I right in remembering a reference to an archive for live feed streams? If so, do we have a link handy? Not that all of Brad’s editing isn’t appreciated, it is, but sometimes you want your Brivari strait up…


  4. Jarsto had one at but since he started his job he has not been able to keep it up to date. There are some classics in there though.

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