Babylon Podcast #123: Feedbackapalooza

Welcome to Show #123!

When the ground shakes, save the big screen TV.

Feedbackapalooza!! Chris Lester and C.A. Sizemore join the voicemail fun fest.

Gary gives Summer and Brad directives on stuff to do for The Babylon Podcast, and starts bypassing Tim-Guarding-The Voicemail-Gate and sending vmails directly to Mike by sending them to the Slice of SciFi voicemail line by mistake; Markum from Indy loves hearing Jeffrey’s Hollywood insider insight, and would love him to do a Business of Hollywood podcast (didja know about @babylonpodcast

Babylon 5 Information Gathering: If you know of a dead or abandoned B5 related website that may be in need of a new home, let Summer know! Maybe we can mirror it here or house it on a sister site.

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