Babylon Podcast #125: Epiphanies (Season 4)

Welcome to Show #125!

Summer really needs to schedule a time to rummage through Jeffrey’s B5 archives. I see a Los Angeles Road Trip in the near future. Keep your eyes open for a Jeffrey eBay sale… and possibly a live feed only eBay sale?

Deep Geeking: This week, Tim and Summer talk about “Epiphanies”, a pivotal episode where alliances, plans and perspectives shift for a number of people. Garibaldi leaves his post as security chief, pushing Zack into an unexpected new role; Bester comes to B5 looking for Sheridan’s help in exploring what the Shadows might have left behind on Z’ha’dum; Lyta begins to test the extent of her Vorlon-enhanced powers at Sheridan’s request.

How much did Bester risk by betraying his Black Omega pilots? How effective is the EA blockade of the jumpgate before B5’s gate really going to be for non-Earth ships? How might have Sheridan reacted if Lyta had brought her concerns about Bester’s request and about going to Z’ha’dum to him first?

Feedback: Kurt sent in a “Year 4/Year 5” mashup as a replacement intro, but we may end up using that as a show promo; Isaac in Ottawa disagrees with some of the comments on JMS’ announcement, and gives us his perspective on fan productions, which spawns an interesting discussion about expectations and future possibilities and options for smaller B5 stories that would still fall into canon.

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  1. I’m not sure about the promo…it’s very well done, but it has a strong negative slant on JMS. Does that really represent the position of the podcast?

  2. Are we done talking about the JMS/Lost Tales issue?

    Personally, I’m ready to move on. There were already 2 feedback shows where the issue was discussed. I was suprised to see it return in this show. And there was mention of getting the caller on the next show.

    The Dragon Page said they were done with the eBook discussions and I was glad. I’m hoping this podcast can put an end to this discussion soon.

    I really enjoy JMS’ work which is why I bought all the comics he has done since B5; Amazing Spider-man, Midnight Nation, Rising Stars, etc. Thor and Twelve are still on my comics pull list.

    One of my favorite things about B5 was that it was a self-contained story with an end.

    I’m looking forward to the work that JMS will be doing in the future, especially if Lensman is one of them.

    Plus, if people really do want to continue the discussion, there’s the forum.

  3. We got back to the geeking this week, or rather for next week’s show.

    And I for one was disappointed that nothing ever came of the rumor way back when that there’d be series based on Rising Stars. I love that series… I just have to remember to check for GN collections now and again 🙂

    Now if only MGM would put out Season 2 of Jeremiah on DVD, I’ll be a happy camper.

  4. Gary The Great says

    Sci fi has been running blocks of Season 2 Jeremiah on Thursdays, but I guess you’re busy with Slice then. Maybe you could dvr it?

  5. I noticed that Season 2 of Jeremiah is now available in the iTunes store in Canada. Not sure if it’s available in the US iTunes store.

  6. ChristopherNYC says

    I really couldn’t disagree with you more Denis.
    An ultimatium made by the creator of that series that not only determines the future of the series but bashes some of his work in the past is nothing less then huge.
    Personally, I feel that TLT is taking undeserved bashing here. And sure Crusade and LOTR were stopped before they really got started, it is a harsh characterization that is begin given here. What if B5 only had one season? Maybe Crusade or LOTR could have been a smash hit.

  7. This is a major turning point for the fandom, and a major issue of discussion. I think it’s entirely appropriate for the discussion to take as long as it needs to take.

  8. I can tell you, we are still receiving emails with fans’ opinions about that announcement. While we may not read every one on the next feedbackapalooza, rest assured that the topic will still be revisited from time to time.

    Denis, I agree with you about the self-contained nature of B5. However, I think that universe is so compelling, with the potential for some excellent storytelling, that it’s more than disappointing that the creator himself has declared an ultimatum regarding the future of said universe.

  9. I’m just surprised at the negativity towards JMS’ comments.

    I have more respect for JMS now that he has admitted that the Lost Tales do not live up to the B5 standards. Because as a day one fan, that was was my view also.

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