The Chronologies of Babylon 5

It’s here!

Across Time and Space: The Chronologies of Babylon 5

* For the first time ever available in print and authorized by J. Michael Straczynski

* Contains two complete chronologies: Terry Jones’ Babylon 5 Historical Database (parts of which were previously published in the now-defunct Official Babylon 5 magazine) and I. Marc Carlson’s “Time Line of the Babylon 5/Crusade Universe.”

* Together these two documents are the only sources that give you a complete picture of the Babylon 5 universe and how it fits in the history of the world

* Contains important Babylon 5 canon buried in the novels, comic, books and short stories.

* Up to the minute — includes “The Lost Tales”.

* Includes information that has not been published in a decade from out-of-print publications such as the Official B5 magazine.

* The ultimate Babylon 5 reference because it weaves the entire B5 universe into a cohesive narrative.

* Includes data from all televised episodes of Crusade and some that weren’t even produced.

* Includes an introduction by Fiona Avery, reference editor for Babylon 5 and Crusade (and writer of 3 Crusade episodes).

Now you guys know what project I was helping out on last month! Yay!

Also, you have until August 23rd to submit questions for JMS regarding any of the B5 movies, in “Babylon 5 Scripts of J. Michael Straczynski: TV Movies”.

Quote: With this book is a special opportunity. For the first time J. Michael Straczynski is letting fans ask any question they want about the four TV Movies “Thirdspace”, “The River of Souls”, “Legend of the Rangers” or “The Lost Tales”

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the submission link.


  1. http://Gary%20The%20Great says

    Thanks Summer.

    My pockets are now just a little emptier

  2. http://tim says

    Gary, you fool no one and gain no sympathy. We know about your profitable if highly illegal brevari smuggling operation.

  3. http://Gary%20The%20Great says

    I merely provide a service to people in need Tim.

    Brevari labels have Narn script on them. Now we know the true reason for the Narn occupation. I guess when the Centauri visited Earth, and found Zima they decided we weren’t worth conquering.

  4. http://batkinson001 says

    zima what the heck is zima? LOL seriously tho. Canada has no zima or I would have known of it…

    I just ordered this chronology book. Happy early Bday to me!

    this should fill in the gaps for the novels since I was only able to get the psi corps trilogy (great reading!!!) and To Dream In The City Of Sorrows, i cant get the whole techno mage trilogy or the centari one (if there are others then cool, those are the only 3 i know of).

  5. batkins, there are only three Officially Sanctioned trilogies: The Passing of the Technomages, The Psi Corps, and Centauri Prime. Plus two standalone novels: To Dream… and The Shadow Within.

  6. http://GaryTheGreat says

    Tim – Are you saying the other novels (Voices, Clarke’s Law, etc) are not offical? I realize they are crap, but I thought they were sanctioned.

  7. http://batkinson001 says

    @ tim

    thanks. officially sanctioned, meaning they have something to do with b5 official cannon (i think i spelt it right)?

    The problem with The Passing of the Technomages, and Centauri Prime trilogies is that there is one book out of each that is out of print and/or only available for HUGE sums of money (especially so for a paperback novel!), which on a walmart paycheck, I cannot afford, and as a result will not be able collect these trilogies. I got real lucky with the last psi corps book being available used for $10 from a local Amazon 3rd party seller up here in Canada.

  8. http://David%20from%20Memphis says

    If I only had a credit card, I’d get this book

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