Babylon Podcast #130: Conflicts of Interest (Season 4)

Welcome to Show #130!

Jeffrey’s sick, Summer’s remote, and Tim’s on the landline from hell. Mike couldn’t even stay in the room, and Brad gritted his teeth the entire editing time.

Deep Geeking: This week, Tim and Summer chat about “Conflicts of Interest”. Tim points out how much more CGI was in this episode than usual, and appreciates how the heightened tensions were played out between characters.

We discuss how much of Garibaldi’s alienation of his friends is likely the result of the programming “enhancing” some of his natural tendencies, and of the machinations that both Sheridan and Delenn must start putting in motion to save their resepective homeworlds.

Discussion: Jeffrey hacks up a lung. We have a response on the choices for who’d throw Sheridan his bachelor party. Not only do we want to know what a Vorlon does to throw a party, we discuss the possible ramifications of having space-faring races getting dead drunk and playing with the various buttons on spaceships. Starstuff writes in that the Babylon Podcast has been her ray of sunshine all year, and shares her appreciation.

Yes, we can make people laugh, both intentionally and by accident, so tell us your tales of when our plucky little show made you laugh, or shared new knowledge with you.

And X-Wings would lose to both Starfuries and Vipers.

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  1. Bart Hurskainen says

    Hello, i love the podcast! I would like to say i think Zathras is plotting to take over the Babylon 5 galaxy. First of all he did so much to get all the First Ones to go away. Second, i believe he had a hand in killing the first controller of the Great Machine, bringing in a more easily controlled being.Third, the sloppy devices used to make them harder to kill, by making them partially time shift over and over again had Zathras’s name all over them, he never could get things right. I would like to know if you have heard of any subplot that could explain this. Thank you for reading this, Bye.

  2. Bart Hurskainen says

    Sorry, the Third point was talking of the Drak.

  3. Jhonny from Uppsala says

    When it comes to Centauri telepaths I got the impression that they had been around for quite a long while and been incorporated rather well in society. Probably they are considered just an other form of resorce usable to the noble houses.

  4. Hah! I got mentioned on the podcast! Wohoo! *does the happy dance* You guys are still rocking my iPod and I am still driving through my hometown with a slightly stupid grin on my face while listening to you. Keep it up, I need my laughs in the morning on my way to work 😀

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