But In Purple…I’m Stunning

It’s the book Babylon 5 fans have waited years to own:

“But In Purple…I’m Stunning: Quotations from Babylon 5” compiles everyone’s favorite quotes into one comprehensive book. For easy reference, the quotes are broken down by character (who said it, and to whom) and by theme. J. Michael Straczynski has written 8 introductions, one for each themed section in addition to his foreword.

THEMED SECTIONS: Faith, Hope and a Little Charity, The Characters of Babylon, Relationships, War, Psi Corps, Power, Slapstick and Vox Populi.

CHARACTER SECTIONS: Sinclair, Sheridan, Ivanova, Garibaldi, Franklin, Londo, G’Kar, Delenn, Marcus, Lennier, Vir and Kosh.

“But In Purple…I’m Stunning: Quotations from Babylon 5” is the only book of Babylon 5 quotations ever to be published and contains 473 quotes from all 5 seasons. Each quote is annotated with its episode title, and all the quotes have been meticulously compared to the original scripts for accuracy.

This 317 page compilation will become a trusted resource when you’re making a speech or toast, writing a paper, or looking for a fresh viewpoint for a newsletter, blank greeting card or important email. (B5 quotations have previously shown up in wedding vows, prayer services, webpages, and is one of the biggest sources of sig lines on the net.)

Best of all, “But In Purple…I’m Stunning” is an instant connection that keeps you in touch with the Babylon 5 principles and philosophy.

Rediscover favorite quotes you’ve forgotten and quickly find the ones important to you. Best of all, flipping through “But In Purple…I’m Stunning” lets you relive your favorite moments from Babylon 5, one after another.

Click here to Order $24.95 until October 16; $29.95 after.


  1. GaryTheGreat says

    I’ve been looking forward to this book even before the script books. After I saw one for Star Trek, I wondered about Babylon 5. This show just cries out to have a quote book with all it’s great speeches and quips. I love B5 quotes as more than a few threads on different boards will show.

    To use a quote before the book comes out. :

    …there are books, thousands of pages, about the power of one mind to change the Universe, but none said it as clearly as this.

  2. I used the G’Kar quote from the opening of Lost Tales on a farewell card for a work friend who was leaving. I wish I had had this book then, so I didn’t have to keep backing up and replaying the audio – oh, who am I kidding. It gave me an excuse to listen to Andreas Katsulas over and over again.

  3. I was so happy to see the book announced and I went and bought it right away. I do have several Babylon 5 Quotation web links in my favs, but having a book handy – especially one that has again introductions written by the Great Maker – is just way too tempting.
    These Cafepress books will make me go broke some day. But it sure is nice to have the complete collection on the library cupboard … 😉

  4. Gary The Great says

    The book is nice, but it didn’t meet my expectations. Maybe they are too high.

    I know the script team loves B5, but it seems like it needed more of a fan’s touch. How the book didn’t start with the quote ” .. and so it begins” for example escapes me.

    I realize there are legal reasons for no pictures (even black and white), but this is continues to be a let down with these books.

    Although I have some criticisms the book is still a great resource, and an enjoyable book to skim through. I enjoyed having some conversational length quotes, rather than all one line blurbs. jms’ Intro and section comments are really great stuff.

    It is a good representation of B5 lines, but I was hoping for a larger volume of quotes in the book. The layout had so much empty space on the pages that could have been filled with more quotes, it seems like a waste.

    This book and the Chronology does not have an end date the way the actual scripts did, so save up, or suggest it as a gift for the holidays. it is still well worth the expense for any fan.

  5. I with Gary on this one. While the concept of the book is great, there is too much empty space and by far not enough quotes. I am happy though because of the intros by JMS. Them and the quotes together make me not regret the purchase.
    But I personally would not recommend it for anyone who already has the script books or/and a fast internet connection. There are some great sites out there that have quote collections and which are just as – or even more – complete as this book is.

  6. I have tried to buy this book but it is no longer in print I cant even find it online anywhere. A great show would be to collect the funnier one liners or even ask listeners to send in their favorites :>- a list of websites with the one liners on the babylon podcast website would also be cool; just a thought

    -Heather Green!

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