A Crusade episode guide?

My Babylon 5 kung fu is starting to feel weak. I found yet another book I didn’t know about… my self-esteem as a compulsive completist may be starting to waver!

Crusade Episode Guide The Babylon 5: Crusade Episode Guide. An Unofficial, Independent Guide with Critiques by Sandy Van Densen and Loriann DeGiacomo.

Quoting: “This unofficial, independent episode guide contains plot synopses, guest star and production crew credits, original airdates, production numbers and extremely detailed hard-hitting critiques of each Crusade episode, including the film that began it all: A Call to Arms. Join us in a trip through J. Michael Straczynski’s thought-provoking universe.”

This book came out 6 years ago, November 2002, and once again, I never knew about it until now. It seems to be still in print and still in stock at Amazon, so I may have to put this one on my wish list for now.

Anyone seen or read this book? Comments?


  1. GaryTheGreat says

    They had one in stock, but not anymore. bwah ha ha!
    Summer, I think I’ll make you my personal shopper. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ya bum ๐Ÿ™‚

    Didja at least buy it through our link, so that Mike gets a couple pennies from the sale?

  3. Gary The Great says

    Sure did Summer.

  4. Summer, you need to buy these things FIRST and then post it on the website. Then you can gloat over Gary.

  5. GaryTheGreat says

    Tim , you just stay out of this. Do you know what kind of fast internet connection I need to keep up that woman? It’s not as easy as you think. She posts this stuff in several different places, if she doesn’t announce items I’m hoping to get on the cheap.

    All in good fun, keep the info coming

  6. If this is the same unauthorized guide I bought several years ago it was all but unreadable due to misspellings and outright errors. For your sake I hope it’s not or that it found an editor.

  7. Gary The Great says

    True unauthorized books and books that never actually made it to production have to be viewed for what they are.
    I wish someone would come out with an official Crusade book. (hint hint. Script Team)

  8. Yeah. This is the same group that put out a Babylon 5 website guide, among other pamphlets. As Jan said, they were poorly written and edited, the actual printing quality was absurdly low, and they’re just photocopies folded in half with a staple running through. Just one, though.

    So not worth it.

  9. Gary The Great says

    I got my copy, and it was actually bound, and seemed better than Jan described, but it was not terribly insightful.

  10. For Mitch and Jan,

    it looks like this book that Gary and I ordered is different from the stapled website guide you guys are talking about.

    I just found a listing for that Crusade website guide on Amazon… completely descriptions, but the same authors. I wonder if the first version was superceded by this newer version, with a better printing process and quality control?

  11. I forgot to tell y’all… Amazon canceled my order for this book after 8 weeks. Apparently it’s now “unavailable”.

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