Babylon Podcast #133: The League of Non-Aligned Knitters

Welcome to Show #133!

Are you sick and tired of Tim editing down your audio comments before sending them to Mike? Then do what Gary does and just come on by to sit in!

Interview: B5 fans have always been creative. This week, we are happy to introduce you to the “League of Non-Aligned Knitters”… B5 Fans Who Knit.

Knitting, and Babylon 5

Tim, Summer, and Jeffrey chat with Catherine, Heather, Laura, Amanda, and Elizabeth about the convergence of Babylon 5 viewing and knitting (and other scifi shows). There are practical applications for scifi fans to know how to knit… you’re going to have to make your own clothing after the zombie apocalyse, ya know.

Be forewarned, the puns flow freely in this session… and there’s a knitted Dalek. How cool is that?

Knitter’s Links:

Discussion: It is really fun to find out that more people are still coming to Babylon 5 because of interests in other things, having never seen the show before and falling in love with it, keeping the fandom alive and growing.

We also discuss true options for scifi themed reality programming, something with more appeal to the average scifi fan than WWE Raw, and we talk to Gary to get the scoop on the voicemail madman.

And for some reason, the knitting puns still keep coming.

Link: Ravelry: an online knitting and crocheting group
Link: Legion VI Victrix Roman Reenactors

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  1. GaryTheGreat says

    Sorry I didn’t speak up, I was just tongue ties, and my stomach was in knots. I’ll talk up more next show.

  2. So when do we get pics of the Great Mennenga’s work?

  3. I had such a great time you guys! I promise next time I won’t be so caffeinated or so nervous, honest!

    Mike….embrace your inner knitter!

  4. Anto Bravari Sub-Functionary Deluxe says

    It is a little known fact that the late Emperor Cartagia was an avid knitter. Noone made fun of it.

  5. I bet his specialty was hats.

  6. Gary The Great says

    I was thinking Ponchos. He had no fear of pulling one over his head with his short hair. Whoever didn’t want to accept one as a gift because they were afraid to mess up their hair had their head cut off. Then they could put one on without any hair style issues.

  7. What a fun interview this was! Thanks to all the knitters who participated. I suspect they were still knitting while talking to us.

    Colin – to see examples of current work, you only need look under and behind all the equipment in the new Draco Vista studio.

  8. Thanks for including (and exposing me to) the League of Non-Aligned Knitters. The segment was a lot of fun. I just joined. Also, if you’re wondering what they were discussing when debating whether the Ice Queen would best be suited for Delenn or Centauri women, you can check it out here:

  9. GaryTheGreat says

    I really love all of the sound effects Brad added to the show. Now that I have lived through a live feed, I have even more appreciation for Brad’s editing. (Don’t tell him though. It will inflate his ego too much.)

  10. Wow, I’m in the middle of this podcast AND in the process of teaching myself to knit via YouTube. Wish I could find these gals now!

  11. Hey Gayle, I’m sure the girls are still knitting something out there!

    Did you try Jen’s or Laura’s websites, linked above?

  12. Signed up at Ravelry and introduced myself. Still on my first knitting project, a Tom Baker-style Doctor Who scarf.

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