Babylon Podcast #134: Moments of Transition (Season 4)

Welcome to Show #134!

Why did this turn into a discussion about the behavioral tendencies of cats?

Gary from Jacksonville is still here, having succumbed to the temptation of Mike’s stores of scotch, and because he really had a lot of angst about his voicemails being edited by Tim, and the dearth of B5 related interviews lately.

Deep Geeking: This week, Tim, Summer and special guest Gary discuss “Moments of Transition”. There’s some disagreement on the perceived speed of Neroon’s change of heart, some great appreciation of Ivanova’s performance in the final scene, and more.

What are the chance that Gary won’t call in any voicemails on this episode? No it doesn’t matter that he’s sitting here with us…

Discussion: John in New England reminds us that the comic “In Valen’s Name” tells us what happened to B4 after the previous Shadow War, which leads to a discussion about the construction and design of B1-B3 and B4.

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  1. GaryTheGreat says

    Now this is Podcasting the way it should be! I had a ball being in the studio, and hope to do it again. Farpoint media are great hosts, and really nice people. I’ll have to keep a bottle of scotch near my computer for the next live feed so I can recapture the moment 🙂

  2. ChrisTheContent says

    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to follow up on the reference to Scott Adams being a fan of the show and whether there would be any Dilbert doodles in the station.

    Feel sure you’d know this, but you didn’t mention it, so I thought I would just in case, but when he’s talking to Garibaldi he asks him to look for his cat and his dog as they are planning to take over the world. This is, of course, a reference to Catbert and Dogbert, regulars in the Dilbert cartoons who are trying to take over the world.

    Great show, keep up the good work.

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