Babylon Podcast #135: No Surrender, No Retreat (Season 4)

Welcome to Show #135!

Put me in coach, we’re ready to play, today! Of course, since it’s the first day of the World Series, we have to put in our predictions for who we’ll think will win, or who we hope will win. Summer is rooting for Philly, but Jeffrey’s hating on the Fightin’ Phils! Summer just wants Philadelphia’s championship curse to end, and thinks this is a great chance for them to do so.

And, we have a moment of silence to mourn the decision to by Coors to discontinue Zima production. Could it be a Shadow plot? Let the silly speculation run rampant… that’s what we’re here for!

Deep Geeking: This week, Tim and Summer delve into discussion about “No Surrender, No Retreat”. We talk about the decision to ask the League to stay on the sidelines until the fighting’s done; the timing of some of the events in the course of the episode; the difference between Sheridan choosing a philosophical solution to end the Shadow War versus resorting to a shooting fight to free the colonies that were under siege; and more.

Discussion: Jeffrey’s spent his time digging up Zima ads on YouTube. Because he could. Why is Zima now linked with zombies in Summer’s mind? Is Zima an undiscovered zombie repellent? Do we want to find someone from Zima to talk about the “good old days” when B5 was on the air?

Chris from England wonders if the relationship between Lise and Edgars might have been influenced by Psi Corps ahead of time, in support of the plot involving Garibaldi’s programming; and he surmises that the Med Bay might be near the fighter bays, to get wounded pilots to treatment quicker.

World Series Predictions (made on 10/22): Tim says Tampa in 7, Mike says Tampa in 5, Summer says Philadelphia in 5, and Jeffrey says Philadelphia in 5.

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  1. Neil Ottenstein says

    So, the end of the World Series occurred during the live feed last night. Was your attention diverted then?

  2. Alas, no. If I’d only gone and checked ESPN News before we’d started doing the open, I would have mentioned it… I didn’t find out until after we were done, and the live feed shut down.

    But hey… Jeffrey and I were right!

  3. And nearly every team I picked tanked. I must be Jinxo pre-incarnate.

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