Babylon Podcast #136: Babylon 5 Scripts Team

Welcome to Show #136!

No Jeffrey this week, he’s working hard on “The Amazing Race”, but not to worry… for some reason, the Vorlon puns still filter their way into the show.

Jaclyn Easton

Interview: This week, Tim and Summer talk with Jaclyn and Jan from the Babylon 5 Scripts Project, and by a twist of fate, the date of this interview, October 29th, was the 3rd anniversary of the release of the first scriptbook!

Jaclyn and Jan give us as many details as they can about how this project came about, and the scope of putting something on this scale together, possible future volumes, and much much more!

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  1. ChristopherNYC says

    Brilliant interview.

    You have to pull a Sheridan: Bring Jason on the same interview that you bring on Andrea Thompson and when they “accidentally” bump into each other Jason being the B5 ubergeek that he is will give away in a flash the next B5 book. If you have any problems, have Jeff Conway make the conference call.
    Hey, as we learned from Bester, you don’t have to have the powers, just the badge to get the info.

    Also, from a fan whose love of JMS words (Check out Thread 83 by 9 by 12 in Farpoint Forum) doesn’t match his bank account–an extremely painful episode. At least we still got Zima right?

  2. GaryTheGreat says

    I really enjoyed hearing the interview. Having had the chance to speak with both women, what you heard is how they are, polite, smart and whitty.

    I wish they had chose to break some big news (Crusade book) on the show, but I know Summer and I can’t wait to spend our dollars at the Joe store when it reopens.

    As for fans who couldn’t pick up the script books series, the quote book “But, In Purple I’m Stunning”, does provide a rewarding amount of JMS lines at your fingertips.

    P.S. It’s great to see a picture of Jaclyn, but it’s a shame Jan is so modest because she should be up there too.

  3. Jason Davis says

    I’m afraid a mere P5 couldn’t pry the info out of me…

  4. Jason, could the combined might of tim, Summer and Jeffrey do that?

    I have to say, the interview went far better than I had anticipated. Jaclyn emailed to ask how long the interview would last; we ended up nearly doubling that time. Both ladies were gracious and charming. Even if we never get new B5 stories, it seems the existing material is in good hands.

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