Babylon Podcast #137: Feedbackapalooza

Welcome to Show #137!

No Jeffrey this week, but Brad Bowyer jumps in to help. We chat a bit about the announcement that JMS will be penning the script for the remake of Forbidden Planet, and the ramifications and ripple effects of that news.

Feedback: This week, Tim, Summer and Brad handle the Feedbackapalooza! There’s so much feedback, we may were not able to contain it all in one show.

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  1. Gary The Great says

    A feedbackapalooza and I miss the live feed. Damn…..

  2. Jhonny from Uppsala says

    Yes, the Minbari stor arc was indeed short and under developed to say the least. But that made me more curious, not less. After all with just those few episodes to go on the whole Minbari culture and arc is a mystery. And who dosnt like those?

    And Tim, are we introducing an inofficial alternative to the old Green-Purple? That is… Brown-Red?

    I say Red!

    You are doing great work guys!

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