Babylon Podcast #138: Feedbackapalooza

Welcome to Show #138!

Feedback: This week, Tim and Summer run the gamut of the rest of the voicemail and email feedback left over from last week, all alone in the night.

Summer is really jonesing for access to the Titan Magazines stash of Babylon 5 pics that they used in creating the now-defunct Babylon 5 Magazine. Yeah, those would be nice to have.

Link: Titan Books

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  1. Jhonny from Uppsala says

    Im sure its been mentioned somewere, but I’ll mention it again here even if it might stop some interesting speculations.

    JMS writes in one of the scriptbooks (probably the one with War without End) that all the B5 stations were destroyed by the shadows or their agents.

    See ya!

  2. OK, after two episodes of Feedbackapalooza, I have an assignment for Gary: play back any one of your voicemails, and count how many times you say “y’know” (or actually often more like “y’ow”). I hope the results appall you as much as they do me.

  3. GaryTheGreat says

    Hey Paul, great to hear from you, and thanks for the constructive criticism.

    My voicemail recordings aren’t what I’d like them to be. The only time in my day to call in is during my commute. Recording at 70mph does present challenges. Forumlating my response to the podcast I’m listening to, while trying to stay on the road accounts for some of my y’know’s. I’ll try to be more conscious of them.

    I hope you take the frustration with my calls to call into the next feedbackpalooza with some of your own insights into the Babylon 5 universe.

  4. ChristopherNYC says

    Looking forward to hear your voicemails in the future Paul. From the standard you are setting I am sure it will be grander then JMS himself. I will be sure to quote each and every millisecond on the Babylonpodcast forum. Can’t wait!

  5. Gary, instead of recording your voicemails at 70 mph, up your speed to 85-90. The “y’know” will quickly change to “YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!”

  6. GaryTheGreat says

    “But officer, Tim from the Babylon Podcast told me to go faster.”

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