Babylon Podcast #139: The Exercise of Vital Powers (Season 4)

Welcome to Show #139!

No Jeffrey again this week, and we are sad. We blame “The Amazing Race”.

Tim addresses some of the fan reaction to the news that JMS would be writing the screenplay for the planned remake of “Forbidden Planet”. It will not be retro, as rumored earlier, and hopefully such an honored icon for scifi fans will not be mistreated in his hands. Even so, a lot of JMS fans and “Forbidden Planet” fans are more than a little grumpy about the prospect of it being remade by anyone.

Deep Geeking: This week, Tim and Summer discuss “The Exercise of Vital Powers”, and Tim continues to exercise his right to vital puns.

Summer’s appreciation of this episode comes from the complete break from what had been the traditional storytelling style in the series, and diving into old school hard-boiled pulp detective thriller territory. From Garibaldi’s opening monologue, through his working for the power player who’s suspiciouly far beyond his usual clientele, to his having to resist the damsel in distress who almost always lures the private eye to his doom… this episode is all pulp, all the time.

And even though Summer’s seen this episode quite a number of times, she still discovered something new in this most recent viewing combined with a tidbit from Volume 10 of the scriptbooks… a new meaning in Garibaldi’s closing monologue.

Discussion: Tim reads an email from Stu about the Revell models due to be released in 2009: a Starfury and a B5 station. Whee! Summer wonders why there was never a model for B4, and Tim breaks bad with the puns again.

We also dream of a Lego B5 environment, complete with zocalo and aliens. If you’re gonna dream, dream big, baby.

Edmund leaves us a voicemail with more news and reviews for Changeling.

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  1. Chris From Poland says

    Hi guys & gals,

    if you google “Babylon 5 LEGO”, you will get some quite interesting hits, among which are:

    – LEGO Kosh!!! (and Sheridan) (
    – Babylon 5 Lego movie on YouTube (
    – Breathtaking Mimbari warship (

  2. Neil Ottenstein says

    I think you can actually design some Lego sets online and then they will send you a set.

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