Babylon Podcast: 2008 Year End Special

Welcome to the New Year!

Here’s a 2008 Year in Review special… yeah, after the year end. What’s life without a few funny mixups?

This is an EPIC episode… you can thank Tim for such glorious attention to detail.

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  1. Gary The Great says

    I didn’t realize how much I missed new shows. Thanks for the hard work. This is one fan grinning ear to ear.

  2. Hey, guys, thanks for including me in the year-end podcast…but it’s GUSKIN, not GUSHKIN. There’s no “h” in there. 🙁


    Amy (whose last name gets mispronounced more than you’d believe possible…)

  3. Jhonny from Uppsala says

    Good job with the summary, it realy made me longe for more. And to cite Gary: Thanks for the hard work. We apriciate it.

  4. Just finished with this episode today – it took me one year to get through your complete show, starting with season one, and now I am finding myself in the position of craving more. You guys are just too good. Keep it up and thanks for all the fun!

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