Babylon Podcast: 2008 Year End Special

Welcome to the New Year!

Here’s a 2008 Year in Review special… yeah, after the year end. What’s life without a few funny mixups?

This is an EPIC episode… you can thank Tim for such glorious attention to detail.

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  1. http://Gary%20The%20Great says

    I didn’t realize how much I missed new shows. Thanks for the hard work. This is one fan grinning ear to ear.

  2. Hey, guys, thanks for including me in the year-end podcast…but it’s GUSKIN, not GUSHKIN. There’s no “h” in there. 🙁


    Amy (whose last name gets mispronounced more than you’d believe possible…)

  3. http://Jhonny%20from%20Uppsala says

    Good job with the summary, it realy made me longe for more. And to cite Gary: Thanks for the hard work. We apriciate it.

  4. Just finished with this episode today – it took me one year to get through your complete show, starting with season one, and now I am finding myself in the position of craving more. You guys are just too good. Keep it up and thanks for all the fun!

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