TV Movie Script Book

The Babylon 5 Scripts of J. Michael Straczynski: The TV Movies is now on sale for $29.99 through Feb. 5. After Feb. 5, the price will be $39.99

Featuring these Scripts:

  • Thirdspace
  • The River of Souls
  • The Legend of the Rangers
  • The Lost Tales

These TV Movie scripts are twice the length of a single episode of Babylon 5 and are the page count equivalent of EIGHT episodic scripts making it the second biggest book ever with more than 450 pages!


• The included version of The Legend of the Rangers is an early draft that is 20 pages longer than the script that was filmed, which means you get to read scenes and exchanges of dialog that never made it to the screen.

• Exhumed from Joe’s vault, a 3-page fragment of an outline detailing the premise for a Psi Corps feature film . Focusing on The Telepath War, and appropriately titled “Wars of the Mind,” JMS’ notes reveal the background of the conflict — teeps vs. teeps, the cast of characters — including the identity of the Interstellar Alliance’s Vice President, and the explosive deaths of two B5 regulars — something hinted at, but never stated in an official series document.

• The lost tale from The Lost Tales. Did you know that there were originally three lost tales, not two? The middle segment, never produced due to production considerations, featured Michael Garibaldi making a startling discovery on Mars. Only a handful of people involved in the production have ever read this script, but now you can enjoy this “lost” installment.

• The original short story on which The Lost Tales segment “Over Here” was based. It’s called “The Darkness Between the Stars” and was originally published in the now out-of-print seventh issue of The Book of Dark Wisdom (Fall 2005). See how JMS adapts a story from one medium to another and witness a different ending than the one that concludes the B5 version.

• J. Michael Straczynski’s personal, behind-the-scenes photos taken on the set of The Lost Tales and The Legend of the Rangers — included in these 36 images are the last pictures taken of Andreas Katsulas as G’Kar.

And much more. Order here by April 30


  1. Does this mean we won’t ever see a Garibaldi “Lost Tale”, or will we get to see another one much later?

  2. Gary The Great says

    My guess is that the Garabaldi piece is put to bed permanently.

    The item of more concern to me is the outline of the Telepath War/Psi Corps film. If this was the “long term” big movie idea he was kicking around, I wonder what his new B5 movie idea consists of.

  3. I still think the potential big movie would be some form of “the Memory of Shadows”, as few people really know what that would be about, and the implication (specifically the title) is that it ties more fully into the series per se – which would conceivably attract viewers to seek out the series.

  4. David from NO says

    Tim’s past. I’m sure there are a dozen stories that he wants to tell. I write and the universes I create I know there are countless stories worth telling that I can only hope to discover.

    The problem with B5 is that of life. We’ve lost some of the best talent ever to grace the screen. Any future movie would have to work around that. Not to mention an aging cast.

    The Dilgar War, the Drahk War, on and on. So much left untouch. JMS has made one large canvas and he’s barely used it. There is so much left untold that could benefit from a new venture into the universe with different new characters and some of the old cast as a tie in and grounder. I’m really looking forward to seeing if a project develops or if they let people start putting novels out.

  5. Neil Ottenstein says

    It is another great script book. Mine arrived last night, but I didn’t see it until this morning. Some fun extra material that I’ve already read and still have yet to read.

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