Babylon Podcast #143: Between The Darkness and The Light (Season 4)

Welcome to Show #143!

Discussion: NY Comic Con announced that JMS definitely had to cancel his appearance, since there was no way that he’d be able to make both NYCC and the BAFTA Ceremony where Changeling has been nominated for Best Original Screenplay.

And Warner Bros is now considering making the steps necessary to find out what JMS’s definition of “big” is in the “big budget only” declaration he made about the only way he’d do another feature length film project. While we aren’t getting our hopes up too high yet, some of us can only wonder what took them so long.

We get bubbly for a bit about the amount of fresh B5 content out there, and that’s still coming along.

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer discuss “Between The Darkness and The Light”, the episode which marks a significant turning point in the war to take back Earth from Clark’s forces.

The morale hit taken by Sheridan’s capture is turned around by them breaking him out and rescuing him, and by the White Star fleet’s destruction of Earth’s advanced, Shadow-tech cruisers.

Is this the first glimpse we see of Lyta’s steps towards her dark, angry side? Is the technique of telepaths suggesting “pain” a standard self-defense or protective disabling technique since all telepaths are capable of doing that?

And Tim has a huge gripe about Ivanova’s battle speech, wondering why the opposing destroyers just didn’t start shooting while she was ranting. How many other people despise that part of the scene for being too speechy or too long?

Feedback: Doug lets us know that the way they were able to completely remove the Keeper from David Sheridan was explained at the end of the Centauri trilogy of novels; Gary calls in to offer his appreciation for the extra long clip show, and wanted to know if Jeffrey was silent during his scenes or if he had to learn the lines with the rest of the actors (yes, he had to learn the lines).

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  1. Neil Ottenstein says

    The bit about super-Marcus — maybe we can just chalk it up to the similar anecdotal evidence of people doing extraordinary things when they are pumped up on adrenaline in life-threatening instances, especially when their loved ones are threatened.

  2. somebody-else says

    I realise that I’m a *long* way behind everyone here, but Tim, I have to say that you are not alone in thinking that Ivanova’s speech before opening fire was over-egging the pudding. As you say, if she’d just said that she was death incarnate and the boot that was going to kick his sorry arse back to earth it would have been perfect.

    One of the very few occasions that JMS didn’t hit the mark precisely.

    Now I should add; I finally came across the podcast in November 2011 (having found a reference to it via The League of Non-aligned Knitters on Ravelry – yes, I’m another knitter who enjoys B5) and I’m working my way through the back-log and enjoying the majority of the ‘casts. I’m looking forward to catching up with the rest of the episodes and hoping that you’ll still be on the air by the time I get there.

  3. lostinacrowd says

    I also started listening at the start of the year been burning thru them, not sure what the content will be like after crusade and in 2012! A that code! Googling ravelry…

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