Babylon Podcast #145: Feedbackapalooza

Welcome to Show #145!

Seriously, how do you guys like that Babylon Podcast Season 4 opening sequence? Crazy cool, isn’t it?

Contest: We’ve come up with a contest to give away a copy of the B5 Chronologies scriptbook! Can you identify all the voices in the podcast opening montage? If you think you can, submit your entries to contest [at] sliceofscifi [dot] com with the Subject line of Babylon Podcast Chronologies Contest, and include your mailing address.

We need all 12 voices correctly identified and in order, and a single winner will be selected from all the people who submit fully correct entries, and participants who helped with the lines are not eligible to enter this contest… maybe next time, gang.

Submit your entries by midnight Pacific time, March 3rd, and we’ll randomly pick a winner from pool of correct entries live on the live feed on March 4th. Every voice in there is known somewhere in the podosphere, so get cracking!

Discussion: Tim and Summer revisit the discussion about Ivanova’s “I am Death Incarnate” declaration before leading the White Star fleet up against the advanced EA Destroyer fleet. We compare it to President Laura Roslin’s speech from the recent BSG Season 4 episode “Blood on the Scales”, and Summer amends her previous assessment of Ivanova’s speech. She doesn’t hate it, like Tim and Mike do, but it definitely doesn’t rank as high in her estimation as before.

Voicemail: Arkle adds his thoughts about and full support for Ivanova’s “Death Incarnate” speech; Todd from Grand Rapids adds his comments about the Ivanova speech; a comment on how maybe they did hang up on Ivanova during her speech and no one told her about it.

Troy sent an email saying that Tim’s wrong about Ivanova’s speech, and how apropos it is for a warrior walking into her death; another email thinks that it appropriately displays her state of being near the breaking point, under the pressures of leading the fleet and being worried about Sheridan’s welfare in captivity.

Bethany from Oklahoma is catching up after being without Internet access while in Colorado for a month, and she watched episodes of “Babylon 5” on her drive back home through the Rocky Mountains… good thing she didn’t really have to watch the screen rather than the road; comments on the various themes in “Between the Darkness and the Light”, with the struggles of many of the characters being echoes of the title; Dave from Kentucky lets us know that there’s a large selection of Babylon 5 ships done in Legos; Doug calls in about #134 and the difference in sizes between the B4 and B5 stations; Gary has a question for Jeffrey about the Babylon 5 Mall Tour mentioned in some old issues of “The Universe Today”, and Jeffrey tells us what he remembers about the tour, a promotional venture by TNT to promote the upcoming new Season 5 episodes (paging Sandy Bruckner!)

Gary sends his apologies to Jeffrey for bringing Ed Wasser to the show for us to talk with; Edmund from Greenville wants to chat about “Intersection in Real Time”, and how it originally was slated to be the Season 4 finale, and thinks the way we ended up receiving the shows works better than the original plan; Bethany from Oklahoma shares her thoughts on “Intersections in Real Time”; Kate from Chicagoland has issues with the Shadow War wrapping up too quickly; Neil from Bowie comments on his shiny new copy of the TV Movies Scriptbook; Bethany from Oklahoma comments on the discussion for “Exercise of Vital Powers”; Gary lets us know that JMS didn’t win the BAFTA for The Changeling, and Jeffrey says that the winner, In Bruges, is well worth checking out.

And finally, the Return of Jarsto! Jarsto smacks both Tim and Summer for not remembering “In The Beginning” in detail in regards to how the Babylon Project came about, from Show #138 (Summer claims sleep deprivation); Jarsto chimes in again about Marcus gets the lyrics wrong during his rendition of “A Modern Major General”, and submits that perhaps the Vorlons, and NOT the Shadows, destroyed the first three stations, since they knew they’d need to take B4 back in time for their use.

Babylon Podcast: You’re not sure what happened to you, but you liked it… Happy Vorlontine’s Day, everybody!

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  1. GaryTheGreat says

    Woo Hoo. Love getting my Wed. fix.

    Summer, wow on the notes. This is about as far from lazy show notes as you can get.

  2. See what happens when I start getting a little bit of sleep?

  3. Jhonny from Uppsala says

    *show on paus, got to write now*

    Summer, as I see it you are a tad wrong in comparing the passion in the Rosselin-Ivanova speaches. They are, in this aspect, very different.

    Rosselin speaks out of passion with personal fiery anger. perhaps a righteus anger, but still shes mad as h***.

    Ivanova on the other hand starts with passion and personal anger,but it very soon switches into icecold clarity. Shes not bellowing out her anger, she speaks with the clarity of one who is but the instrument of devine vengence.

    Its quite a difference.

    *Ok, now on with the show*

  4. If she’d maintained that same icy cold demeanor throughout the entire statement, I’d be inclined to agree.

    Maybe that iciness wasn’t meant to be sustained with the same impact over a longer statement… hard to say.

  5. GaryTheGreat says

    I loved the song at the very end of the podcast. Once again the podcast almost causes me to have an accident. Who recorded that? I’d guess Edmund, but I’;m probably wrong.

  6. I too loved that Roslin speech, but I noticed that it seemed to lose something when heard outside the context of that episode.

  7. Neil Ottenstein says

    “Seriously, how do you guys like that Babylon Podcast Season 4 opening sequence? Crazy cool, isn’t it?”

    Indeed that is a great opening sequence. I was quite surprised to hear it the previous week. I had been wondering how you were going to do it. Well done.

  8. Neil Ottenstein says

    I saw Stephen Furst at the Babylon 5 Mall Tour when it came to Maryland. It was quite fun. I remember waiting in line with my B5 Game cards and such. There were some props there.

  9. there’s no way in heck i could name all the voices but the new S04 opening is fantastic!

  10. Hey guys

    Just wanted to mention, I was watching NCIS last night when a familiar voice caught my attention. 🙂 Mira Furlan was one of the guest stars. It was a smallish part but it was so good to hear her voice again.

  11. Jason Davis says

    I have a few photos from the B5 Mall Tour’s stop in Texas…sadly, none of them include Tracy Scoggins, who was late arriving.

    I say she arrived…I actually don’t know if she did…we had tickets to the X-Files Expo in a nearby hangar and thus left before she (theoretically) appeared.

  12. Neil Ottenstein says

    I couldn’t find anything on my computer that I wrote about the Mall Tour from May 1998, but what I did write down in my “executive planner” for May 9 was the following:

    Drive to White Flint Mall. Take a look around. Wait in line. Play B5CCG. Get autograph from Steven Furst … Look around the B5 Experience. Talk with people. Go to the DCB5FC gathering.

    I am pretty sure Steven signed the postcard that can be seen in the pictures over on the Forum topic about it. I thought I had something more written somewhere, but the odds of finding that are slim. The DCB5FC was a great group of fans in the DC area.

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