Babylon Podcast #146: Endgame (Season 4)

Welcome to Show #146!

Tim reads some news from JMS on his screenplays in progress, including World War Z, Lensman, and Ninja Assassin, and some teaser news that he’s been offered some directing gigs.

Discussion: Tim and Summer discuss “Endgame”, the climax of the struggles gone through during the battle phases of the Earth Civil War. We compare more speeches again, too.

Contest: We’ve come up with a contest to give away a copy of the B5 Chronologies scriptbook! Can you identify all the voices in the podcast opening montage? If you think you can, submit your entries to contest [at] sliceofscifi [dot] com with the Subject line of Babylon Podcast Chronologies Contest, and include your mailing address.

We need all 12 voices correctly identified and in order, and a single winner will be selected from all the people who submit fully correct entries, and participants who helped with the lines are not eligible to enter this contest… maybe next time, gang.

Submit your entries by midnight Pacific time, March 3rd, and we’ll randomly pick a winner from pool of correct entries live on the live feed on March 4th.

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  1. Something tells me that there will be lots of people listening to the live feed on March 4th.

    Is the live going to be up?

  2. GaryTheGreat says

    The deep geeking never ceases to make me rethink things.

    I never contrasted the Earth Alliance and Minbari forces working together to defend Earth, to the Battle of the Line.

    Contrary to Ms. Ivanova’s speech about the Babylon Project failing, I think this episode shows how well it succeeded.

  3. I’m just glad you didn’t actually play the Sheridan “We have come home” speech. I was listening on the bus, and I can imagine the looks I would’ve gotten if I suddenly started crying. πŸ™‚

  4. Denis: yes, the live feed will be up, and it should be up on both the FarPoint stream and the Warlord stream.

    Gary: seriously? never dawned on you? I often wondered if it was intentional, if the composition of those scenes was supposed to make you think back to the Battle of the Line shots… there was a similarity in the chaotic manner that made me think of it, even from the very first time I saw the ep.

    Go watch some of Sinclair’s flashback scenes, then compare with the “Endgame” scenes, and let us know what ya think πŸ™‚

    There was another connection that I don’t think we explored deep enough… Delenn.

    The Council asked her to choose a human to examine. She chose Sinclair, who you could say was “rescued” in the middle of a suicide run.

    Then Sheridan, another man she’d chosen, was rescued from a suicide run in an almost identical situation.

    I’m sure there’s a parallel between the Minbari ships attacks at the Battle of the Line and the way they were called in to attack the defense platforms in “Endgame” (say the way they stayed in hyperspace and bypassed Mars, but came out at Earth), but I might be reaching with that one πŸ˜‰

  5. Gary The Great says

    There was so much going on in the show, I never stopped to make the parallel. ONce you said it, it flashed on me like the intersect, and it all fell into place.

  6. @Arkle – when the time comes, I recommend you listen to the “Sleeping In Light” geeking at home. πŸ˜€ That episode tears me up EVERY TIME.

  7. Neil Ottenstein says

    Summer, it appears that you forgot show #117, when Ninja Assassin was first mentioned.

  8. There is a hole in my mind…

    Seriously, that was almost 10 months ago, and I haven’t had a healthy amount of sleep during that time frame πŸ™‚

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