Babylon Podcast #147: Interview with Writer Frank Garcia

Welcome to Show #147!

Tim, Summer and Jeffrey chat about spring training, the early Daylight Savings shift, JMS winning a writing award from AARP, and the contest.

Mike plays Edmund’s “My Funny Vorlontine” parody for Jeffrey, and there were pulled muscles from the laughter.

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We need all 12 voices correctly identified and in order, and a single winner will be selected from all the people who submit fully correct entries, and participants who helped with the lines are not eligible to enter this contest… maybe next time, gang.

Submit your entries by midnight Pacific time, March 3rd, and we’ll randomly pick a winner from pool of correct entries live on the live feed on March 4th (extended to March 25th)

Interview: We talk with journalist Frank Garcia about his history as a freelance writer for many scifi magazines over the years, and the research that he and Mark Phillips undertook to compile the books Science Fiction Television Series, 1959-1989 and Science Fiction Television Series, 1990-2004.

We talk with Frank about his experience with Babylon 5 and Crusade over the years the show was in production, and the information pulled together for the second volume.

Find out more about both books at

Feedback and Discussion: Andy wonders if our Jeffrey is the one listed in the credits of The Faculty — he was, and Jeffrey recounts his experience working with Robert Rodriguez; Todd from Grand Rapids disagrees with Summer and thinks that Gary Cole as an EA Captain just doesn’t work for him because of the Brady Bunch memories (and Summer will always think of him as Sheriff Buck); Gary wants to know who wrote the copy of the B5 episode teasers that aired during the first 4 seasons on PTEN (Jeffrey says it was the promo folks at PTEN/WB).

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  1. Neil Ottenstein says

    Regarding Gary Cole – he has said that he wore his Crusade ring in Office Space.

  2. Neil Ottenstein says

    Moving on to Bruce Boxleitner – part of it was he was cast to type at first in order to mislead the viewers. He starts off all smiles and then we find out that he is carrying around a secret.

  3. GaryTheGreat says

    I can’t believe the Jeopardy sound effect Brad put in when Frank was trying to come up with show names.

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