Babylon Podcast #152: The Deconstruction of Falling Stars (Season 4)

Welcome to Show #152!

Easter Bunny Kosh?

Deep Geeking: There is much discussion (and much lack of Vorlon recall) when the gang Deep Geeks on “The Deconstruction of Falling Stars”. Tim and Summer mildly disagree on the 500 years after and the 1000 years after sequences.

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  1. As per the discussion as to why the earth was destroyed in the last segment of this episode, the original speculation was along the lines that it was an attack on Earth similar to the Drak plague. This was because JMS had made a comment that the sun was induced to go nova. But after seeing the Lost Tales, I wonder if instead the earth was destroyed to destroy the creatures like Asmodeus before they found a way off Earth.

  2. Don, that’s interesting speculation. I like it!

  3. Neil Ottenstein says

    I’ve only just started listening to this, but I thought I’d present this information since it seems that there were some people were not correctly remembering things at the beginning of the podcast.

    From the Lurker’s Guide notes: “Although this episode is part of the fifth-season production run, it’s actually the fourth-season finale. The fifth-season finale, “Sleeping in Light,” was shot during the fourth-season production run because it wasn’t clear that the show was being renewed; once the renewal was announced, another episode had to be substituted. For some reason the onscreen credits at the end of the episode don’t reflect that; they list a production number of 422 rather than the more accurate 501.”
    “Shooting began August 18, 1997.”
    “Original air week: October 27, 1997”

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