Babylon Podcast #153: No Compromises (Season 5)

Welcome to Show #153!

It’s “pick a random special day in April” hour! Hug An Australian Day, Pet Owners Independence Day, and Jeffrey waxes nostalgic over Thomas Jefferson’s birthday.

The innuendo runs amok. There must be something in the water…

Deep Geeking: This week, we take the first step into the final arc in the overall 5-year journey, embarking on Deep Geeking for Season 5.

“No Compromises” falls under the bright light of examination, and Jeffrey recounts an impressive Tracy Scoggins audition story.

Discussion: Gary promises to get us pictures of both space shuttles on the launch pads at the same time; and he also sent us a recording of the Babylon Files: Volume 2 foreword that Jeffrey wrote for Andy Lane. Interestingly enough, he lets us know that Pat Tallman also wrote the afterword for the same book… maybe Gary will read that for us sometime soon.

Jeffrey also recounts his experience being caught on both sides of the strike that affected the set for a short time, and the emotional impact it had on him at the time.

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  1. Warlord2k says

    Ohhh my… Season 5 allready….

  2. Chris From Poland says

    You might find this interesting (or not) since “Crusade” discussions will start later this year…

    Just another voice in the “Crusade” soundtrack discussion.

  3. Wow, Chris. That’s… I don’t know what to say. I cannot comment on the reviewer’s attitude toward the music – there’s no accounting for taste – but his assertion that Chen’s soundtrack was partly responsible for the cancellation of Crusade reveals a complete unawareness of the facts, known even at the time of the show’s demise. (Additionally, in Script Book Vol. 11, a memo from JMS indicates that Crusade was in preproduction before TNT decided to pick up B5 for its fifth year.)

  4. Ugh, the music. Don’t get me started on the music again. I was able to tolerate it, but my grandmother, who was hardcore into B5 before I even knew it existed, quit watching about 3 episodes in, partly because she couldn’t stand the music. And there was the hating Lochley thing, but we’ve already covered that.

  5. Twin shuttles not first time but ‘last’ time. Glad I can finally start watching Season 5 (to match the geeking).

  6. Arkle,

    other than her hating on Crusade, your grandmother rocks!

    Now, maybe it’s just me, but I think of what Bear McCreary did for BSG as an evolution of what Evan Chen did in Crusade. No, I’m not saying they’re similar or anything like that… it’s just that I hear an organic similarity in experiments with sound in the soundtracks for Crusade, BSG, and also to some extent with what we heard in Charlie Jade.

    I am sure there have been SF soundtracks that have irritated or annoyed me, but I must have blocked them out… I can’t name a one off the top of my head 🙂

  7. She is quite the character. B5 is not the only show she turned me on to. She’s also the one who got me watching Oz, and Stargate SG-1. She even watched Firefly before I did. She was really into Farscape and Andromeda too, but I couldn’t get into those.

  8. Thank you, Gary! It’s human tendency to forget unpleasantness and this is surely true with Vorlons as well. Jeffrey’s forward was proof that the past never changes but our memories of it change continually. I particularly appreciated the honesty that came through in his writing and your reading. Bravo!

  9. Jhonny from Uppsala/Satai says

    Im actually quite fond of the Crusade soundtrack. It gave the show a very different mood.

  10. I agree with Jhonny. The soundtrack for Crusade was challenging and refreshing. It did take me a good 2 or 3 episodes to fully appreciate it. But it fit the mood of the show (just maybe not in the very beginning when the show didn’t really have its own identity yet).

  11. GaryTheGreat says

    I don’t mind a non-orchestral soundtrack, but Chen was a little to edgy and harsh for me. It reminds me of the original “The Gathering” soundtrack in that way.
    I wonder who likes and pushes that type of music, jms, Copeland, or Netter?

  12. Neil Ottenstein says

    I haven’t listened to this yet and perhaps you address it, but why didn’t you do In the Beginning, which aired before Season 5?

    • Neil, we’d pretty much decided to do all of the TNT Movies after finishing up the series. We’d started talking about the possibility of covering ItB in between seasons 4 and 5, but I think one or both of us suffered a mind-wipe and stuck to our original plan of doing all the movies after the series. We would have to do “A Call to Arms” before we did Crusade too, so doing all the movies in order then continuing into Crusade makes sense.

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