Babylon Podcast #154: The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari (Season 5)

Welcome to Show #154!

Tim has joined the modern Internet age, and has a real Internet connection! His FiOS line makes him sound a lot closer than the transfer point off Io, doesn’t it?

Jeffrey waxes poetic about “Erth Day” and having two shuttles on the launch pad at the same time… and after that who knows where we went. Can something really run off the rails if you’re not sure the rails were ever there to begin with?

Deep Geeking: This week, the Deep Geeking covers “The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari”. The introspective journey that Londo takes, and the one that Lennier is about to take, all start here.

Discussion: Welcome to the Dead Tech segment of The Babylon Podcast!

Paul in Vegas comments on the Crusade soundtrack (he didn’t like it), and waxes nostalgic over the B5 laserdiscs, which leads to Summer’s rant about WB’s handling of the laserdisc releases and into George’s email about laserdisc players; Jeffrey still has a (working?) Betamax deck and wonders if B5 episodes were released on Beta… how many dead formats exist that B5 was released on? Mike thinks he can find old RCA 2″ tape cart promos for B5, and Summer seriously considers asking Mike to download them, but we’ll settle for picture proof of existence.

Jahi in Ithaca liked Gary Cole’s portrayal of Gideon in Crusade, and had no problems with “actor baggage” from other roles… there are a lot of people out there who want more Crusade, a bit of story closure no matter what the medium. What could be the chances of having a new trilogy of novels based in the Crusade universe?

Jeffrey is frightened at the prospect of 3 more years of doing the podcast, but it’s only because he didn’t realize just how much material is still left to cover, and potential interview subjects to track down and talk to!

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  1. GaryTheGreat says

    The trailers over at sound like they might have been old station promos.

  2. Miles (in Germany) says

    Tim has joined the modern Internet age, and has a real Internet connection! His FiOS line makes him sound a lot closer than the transfer point off Io, doesn’t it?

    I’ve been a listener since show000 and thought I wouldn’t live to hear the day.
    Congratulations, Tim

  3. I second Cole’s portrayal of Gideon. After I adjusted myself to the difference between B5 and Excalibur I happily settled down to it.

    And on a side note: There is no reason why B5 fans can’t invest enough money to fund a Teep war move or a trilogy. An online bagging campaign got Obama tens of millions.
    If I had to pay $30 a year for a season of the Babylon 5 universe I would 😛
    Bagging for Hollywood money got us TNT meddling. Our money our show.

  4. Oh my, Tim sounds amazing … I never knew how bad the distortions were on the other line. But, sorry to say Tim, Jeffrey still sounds sexier 😀

  5. Thanks, Miles and Starstuff! I must agree, Jeffrey does sound sexier… but that’s what tequila does to one’s vocal cords.

  6. Wow, Tim really does sound different! Pretty sure it’s in a good way, but it’ll take a bit to get used to it!

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