Babylon Podcast #155: The Paragon of Animals (Season 5)

Welcome to Show #155!

Jeffrey wants to bolt and celebrate Kosho de Mayo, because his homemade margarita mix (using a “low carb” version) just isn’t kickin’ it…

We chat a little bit about the Forbidden Planet and the leaking of the planned script, and the seeming addiction some people have that causes them to steal and leak unfinished products. Is it a cry for attention, an inner reaction to having no outlet for their own creative process, or just plain potential greed?

Deep Geeking: This week, the Deep Geeking covers “The Paragon of Animals”. Examination of B5’s new telepath colony, and the start of Lyta’s journey of independence, begins here. We also see the development of the Declaration of Principles, and how much it means to have the Alliance start off on the higher path that Sheridan and Delenn hopes they can all take.

Discussion: Jeffrey wonders how the hell Tim and Summer can wrangle 250 podcast episodes out of a series that ran for less than half that total, and he’s very afraid. We may not be Cylons, but we have a plan.

Gary wants, gosh, he wants a digital version or cross-referenced index or, gosh, just something more 21st century when it comes to the upcoming “Asked and Answered” series; Todd calls in not from his Blackberry Storm, and wants to know if the Voices of Babylon crew might want to do a Crusade storyline after Three-Edged Sword is complete; Gary loved Garibaldi’s “Rest Easy, Old Friends” line from the 500 year segment of “Deconstruction”; Gary has suggestions for lines for the podcast’s Season 5 opener next year; Gary tells Mark from Miami/Daytona to go check out the forums and chat him up over there (yes, we’ve finally gone meta); Arkle busts Jeffrey’s chops over football teams, and Summer returns serve over the hockey teams…

And then the end of the episode runs off the rails because Skype threw Jeffrey a curveball, and he decided to listen to an episode of The Squint Squad podcast with us still on the line… yay technology!

It is to laugh!

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