Contest: Dreams with Sharp Teeth

The Babylon Podcast is proud to present to you a giveaway of a downloadable copy of the Harlan Ellison documentary, DREAMS WITH SHARP TEETH.

Running from now through Saturday, June 27 (midnight Pacific), we are giving away (5) copies of this documentary.

This contest is open to US entrants only, and be sure to include the email address you use at iTunes’ US Store, since that is how these prizes will be awarded.

Send an email to contest at sliceofscifi dot com with the subject “B5: Dreams with Sharp Teeth”… it’s very important to include the “B5” for these contest entries. If you are sending an entry from an email account that’s different from your iTunes one, please include your iTunes email address in the body of the message.


  1. *sniff* Where can I get a greencard so I can enter this contest?