Babylon Podcast #168: In the Kingdom of the Blind (Season 5)

Welcome to Show #168!

There is no good way to celebrate Kosh Assassination Day, but perhaps we can ease the weight of that loss by coming up with appropriate lyrics for “The Day the Vorlon Died”… call those in, post them here in comments, let’s do the Vorlon proud!

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer discuss on “In the Kingdom of the Blind”, and Summer has a few nits to pick about some of the rash, early actions to force the Alliance member worlds to give telepaths a home of their own.

The argument can be made that Byron’s fatal misstep was the timing of his assault on the secrets of the ambassadors, but Summer thinks that for someone who preaches peace and pacifism, that’s just a poorly impulsive, irrational and childish first move. Tim thinks it highlights the true tragic nature of Byron’s character, which for him makes the character flaws more believable.

Feedback: Kurt pimps GoToMeeting for us; Kurt comments on the “The Day of the Dead”, and wonders if a Pak’ma’ra would have tried to eat their visitor from beyond the dead, and Tim thinks Kurt overthought the process… and would the Pak’ma’ra be the ultimate first line of defense against a zombie apocalypse?

E-Raven mentions starting to watch Babylon 5 at the tender age of 3 years old… and is still a fan now at the age of 12! What hooks a 3-year-old on the show?

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  1. Interesting episode of Deep Geeking, guys. And I, too, have a few nits to pick with it. 😀

    I honestly don’t see how threatening to scan everyone for the information is any different or how that would be “better” or “less aggressive”. I also see it as counterproductive, because it’s akin to someone saying “I’m going to hit you” and then just expecting for the other party to stand and wait for that blow to come. As for the fear–isn’t threatening a scan pretty much the same? It’s “frighten” others just as much and I’m almost sure their reaction would be the same.

    I do agree that some of Byron’s actions are irrational and erratic, but I, personally, got the impression that it was because he was just fed up with everything–all of it–and Lyta’s bit of how they all came to be or why–that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was no longer about any redeeming or pacifism or proving the “peaceful” nature of this group of telepaths, but more about just getting what they /need/ (not necessarily want) and getting the hell out of there /with/ it. Away from everyone.

    I have to laugh at those glowing red eyes. Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim… the things that make you tick. 😉 It was a different kind of Drakh, by the way, which had that sort of constitution. Of course, we don’t know that from B5 series, but it /is/ mentioned in the Techno-Mages Trilogy novels. I do like that proposed rewrite, though–it would have been more dramatic without the (supposed) cheesiness. I also agree with you, Tim, about the alcohol and how it all “works out”. Londo’s predecessor was allowed “timeouts” as well, specifically as a reward for him doing as they’ve instructed. So, perhaps, the silence from the Keeper wasn’t alarming to the Drakh it came from in the times when whomever the Keeper was attached to just wasn’t expected to be doing anything /for/ the Drakh.

  2. Gary The Great says

    As I think about it more I think Lyta tampered with Byron’s mind and turned him from peace loving do gooder to man of action.

  3. Neil Ottenstein says

    If they can do
    then we just need to modify that enough to bring in the Pak’ma’ra

  4. If you are looking for a vampire in B5 universe, there is one: “In 1456 a lone Drakh called Drak’hul took up residence in the region of Wallachia to study the local humans and implanting several with keepers. The story of his activities pervaded in human culture for centuries afterwards before becoming merged with those of Vlad Tepes, a cruel and brutal Prince of Wallachia who came to power during the same period.”'hul


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