JMS MIT Lecture back online

The Julius Schwartz Lecture at MIT featuring J. Michael Straczynski is back online at MIT’s Comparative Media Studies website!

You can watch the lecture and audience Q&A online, or view / download the clips in 3 parts:

Part 1: The Lecture
Part 2: Conversation between JMS and Henry Jenkins
Part 3: Audience Q&A

Thanks to Jan Schroeder for the tip!


  1. Gary The Great says:

    Glad to see it’s back up. I know alot of people missed it the first time it was taken down. Anymore information on the dvd release?

  2. Thanks for mentioning, and posting, the new links. I did miss it the first time.

    I’ve just started listening to it (audio only on my commute), as an engineer I’m intrigued by the topic he chose. Nevermind that I’ve LOL’d a couple of times already. Look forward to the rest.

  3. @Gary the Great

    No DVD this year unfortunately. We took a bath on production costs last year, and that was with a name as big as Neil Gaiman. That’s why we went ahead and made the video this year freely available/downloadable.

  4. Gary The Great says:

    Thanks for the dvd update. You might have been surprised how many jms would have sold. I appreciate you deciding to put it up for free viewing with the demise of the dvd project.

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