Babylon Podcast #172: Interview with Artist Gary Hasson

Welcome to Show #172!

Tim, Summer and Jeffrey discuss a prop that a fan found on a website, being proclaimed as something “for a small actor’s head”. Jeffrey surmises that since the prop is listed as being foam, he believes that it might have been a cast or mold, rather than the actual head, since all of the real Vorlon heads were fiberglass.

Next, there’s a little discussion about a comment found on the io9 article on inexpensive aliens that still hold up after the years… to Jeffrey’s knowledge, there was not any Vorlon puppet, and he himself was most definitely not attacked by the production crew with hammers.

Interview: Gary Hasson of Lightspeed Fine Art joins us to chat about how his involvement with scifi television and Babylon 5. He’s done art for Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Xena, Hercules, Farscape, BSG, and many more as well.

Gary also tells us about his recent trip to Dragon*Con, and catching up with the B5 cast members, the various portraits, and much more.

Feedback: With this week’s voicemails, we entertain more observations and creative visualizations on alternative “Day of the Dead” scenarios, including better uses of Morden, commentary on Penn & Teller’s performance and impact, and more! Can you imagine Marcus as a piece of wall art in Medlab, encased in carbonite and preserved in stasis until such time medical science can heal him?

Link: Lightspeed Fine Art
Link: io9: Dirt-Cheap Aliens Who Still Look Awesome

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  1. Neil Ottenstein says

    I have a few of Lightspeed’s inexpensive series cast prints that you can get at conventions. They are really nice.

  2. Neil Ottenstein says

    Hey, telling about Neil Gaiman signing my Day of the Dead script book wasn’t just showing off, it was also to indicate that he signed it the same way that he signed Summer’s copy.

    • Neil, I think maybe both Tim and I misunderstood you… I thought you went to a Gaiman signing and watched him sign it for you like that, which is something that I and any number of people would have been terribly envious of.

  3. “Tim, Summer and Jeffrey discuss a prop that a fan found on a website, …..” Since when do I get downgraded from official contributor to only a fan? Grumble, Grumble….

    I really enjoyed the interview with gary. He had a fun attitude, and you can really tell he loves what he does. Kudos to Jeffrey for bringing him to the podcast.

    • No need to grumble, Gary… the show notes are to tease folks into listening… why give away all the goodies in the notes? I’d prefer they have a reason to listen to the show and feel entertained and informed and pleased that they spent that hour listening to us when they very easily could have spent it doing something else…

  4. Tim’s fanclub has at least 4! I love listening to what he has to say, especially when he goes on and on. And I find myself agreeing with his take on things more times than not. I definitely agree with his comments about ‘Day of the Dead’ regarding Morden & Lennier. That didn’t work at all for me, even on a second viewing.

    On a different note, it’s been a bit of a letdown now that I’ve caught up. I’m not used to having to wait, or just having one show to listen to on a given day. I think I’m suffering withdrawals!

    • Then simply jot this down as a lesson in moderation and pacing yourself. There really is no rush… you didn’t have to listen to all 170-plus episodes in what, 2 months? 🙂

  5. GaryTheGreat says

    What else would they want to do other than listen to the podcast? Priorities people!

  6. There is one factor that hasn’t been mentioned in the Morden/Lennier thing, the fact that they wouldn’t talk is important. Where would you have squeezed another 20 minutes of exposition into the episode, or more relevant, why do exposition when you have two actors that can deliver the punch-line at the end of the sequence revealing Lennier’s ultimate betrayal by actually acting. As Summer put it — oh so many weeks ago now — the expression on Lennier’s face said it all.

    Yes, Edmond is right, there was a better choice, but it would have meant the sacrifice of the Penn&Teller stunt casting, and then what would Tim have to suffer through?

  7. Good point, Frank. I’m still not buying it.

  8. Neil Ottenstein says

    Actually, Neil Gaiman did sign it for me at the CBLDF booth at the Small Press Expo one year – possibly the year after it came out. [This year’s Small Press Expo is this coming weekend with Gahan Wilson as a major guest.] So, I guess you didn’t misunderstand me, then. 🙂

  9. Been a while since I had time to listen, but I’m finally catching up.

    First of all: No, Tim, you don’t win! :p (Well, okay, no one was “competing” for anything to begin with, not that I remember, but I just needed to get that off my chest. 😉 )

    I don’t know about Morden “not working”. Aside from that Neroon option (which, I think I’ve already said it, would be the most perfect combination)–I still stand by this pairing not being AS bad as some of you, guys, keep insisting it was.

    I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t see the necessity in Penn and Teller (OR that I’m not the only one who doesn’t find them to be funny on general principle)–thank you, Jerry. 😀

    And no, Tim–we (aka, Jews) do not have glowing pink energy walls as part of any of our rituals. :p

    One last thing… I’m a little confused as to why everyone keeps assuming Marcus somehow alive “somewhere”. Was he not using the execution machine that, literally, takes one’s life force and transfers it to the other person? And with all the severity of Ivanova’s injuries–wouldn’t that machine, basically, suck Marcus -completely- dry? Where is this notion of his still being “somehow alive some place” coming from?

  10. I too can not stand Penn & Teller — they’re just not funny. As Rebo and Zooty they don’t stand up to the R&Z hype that had been building over the series and it would have been better to have just left it alone rather than bring in P&T.

    Here’s what really happened to the station on the day of the dead observance:
    Drall was hanging out in the great machine doing nothing in particular. The excitement of the shadow war and the Earth and Minbari civil wars was over. Not too much going on at the moment except some mysterious raids on IA shipping, so he was bored. Then he notices the preparations for the day of the dead up on the station and decides to lend a helping hand. At the appointed hour he projects force fields at all the entrances to the sector and interrupts all direct communications so the participants may enjoy the visits undisturbed.

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