Babylon Podcast #179: Interview with Brad Dourif

Welcome to Show #179!

Jeffrey, Tim and Mike talk about the recent Aries launch, upcoming final milestone dates in the Space Shuttle program, and more.

Brad Dourif

Interview: Tim, Summer and Jeffrey chat with Brad Dourif, his role as Brother Edward in “Passing Through Gethsemane”, and scifi and horror in general.

Brad reminisces about his time on the show, and tells us how much of a fan he was of the show back then, and much more.

Feedback: Gary wonders too deeply about alternate delivery methods of Zoe’s message from Kosh for Sheridan; Gary still thinks we tagged the WB closing theme to the end of Show #175; Gary seconds Jeffrey’s recommendation that everyone should see at least one Space Shuttle launch in their lifetime; Gary wonders why Jeffrey isn’t mentioned at all in “Babylon 5: A to Z”.

Will Gary get his own Voicemail While Driving show? Stay tuned to find out!

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  1. GaryTheGreat says

    As much as I want to be optomistic about NASA and the Ares Program, Buzz Aldrin has hit on alot of stuff spot on. Get us moving, not reinventing things that don’t need to be.

  2. Finally gotten around to catching up on the podcasts. Good show, guys–thanks! I liked, both, the interview /and/ Jeffery’s input during it.

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