Ninja Assassin, Anyone?

Okay, so who saw Ninja Assassin on opening day, or plans to go see it after recovering from triptophan overindulgence?


  1. Centauri_Ranger says:

    The movie was a thing of utter beauty. I cant really go into or say enough about this film. Its exactly what one wants to see in Ninja, I wont spoil it but there is a CLASSIC example of JMS writing in this film. Its a case of the gun he showed in the first act ebing used in the third…just plain awesome.


  2. I stole some personal time today to see a movie. My choices were either 2012 or Ninja Assassin, I went with Ninja Assassin, I chose wisely. It was a great movie, that had a good story and solid special effects. Time flew by while watching the film, I was able to lose myself for a good 90 minutes. I highly reccomend this flick.

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