Babylon Podcast #182: And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder (Season 5)

Welcome to Show #182!

Christmas Kosh is Coming to Town, Christmas Kosh is Coming to Town! ‘Tis the season, and waxing nostalgic and singing holiday B5 tunes warms the… well, something.

Summer is still hopping about the lack of B5 parody holiday music, and especially the lack of Halloween alien heads. It’s time we send out a call to the fans to get working on that… it’s never to late to breathe new life into any SF franchise for either humor or crass commercial endeavors!

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer discuss “And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder”, including production questions that Jeffrey can lend insight to. I bet you didn’t know that it took a technician to create that perfect “bed head” look, didja?

The fallout from the convergence of information gathered by Garibaldi, evidence from autopsies performed by Franklin, and the discoveries made during Lennier’s investigation begins. The overwhelming preponderence of evidence has to be presented to the Alliance and the lines are drawn.

Discussion: Jeffrey gives us a rundown on the details of what an associate producer will usually do on a series, and how it differed from his role as producer’s associate.

Tim in KC asks us to theorize on a “Day of the Dead” paranormal meetup regarding who G’Kar might have been visited by; Gary is thrilled by the recent Aries launch, and relays Buzz Aldrin’s disappointment with the lack of real spaceflight progress; Val in NY shares her appreciation of the train wreck episodes (she may be in the minority, there).

Doug asks in an email if any B5 fans can help identify the rock song playing in the background at the end of “Midnight on the Firing Line” during the final scene with Ivanova and Talia, and Jeffrey surmises that it may well have been composed by Christopher Franke instead of an outside artist. Anyone want to do some research and compare that song to existing tracks from Tangerine Dream?

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  1. Where do we sign up to become a member of Tim’s fan club?

  2. Hey Mo, the best way to become a member is to submit listener feedback expressing your appreciation of Tim and I’ll consider that to be your application. -Val

  3. As to the question of the background music, couldn’t it have also been some leftover from Stuart Copeland’s work? Something about the ’80s pop rock description made me remember that when JMS was talking about his upcoming show he made some promises, and one of them being that the soundtrack would rock, and not be some overblown symphonic score.

    Which made me think that maybe that would be an interesting topic after you’re done geeking on the episodes, to go back to JMS’s original promises and see how they worked out in hindsight. Do you know of what I be poorly speaking of? He had a list, “Uniforms with pockets. No cute kid or robot would ever save the station. An international cast, ’cause when we get to space it won’t just be a bunch of middle aged white guys,” and so on. Yes, I am paraphrasing from a very poor memory, but hopefully that might jar a recollection in one of my more learned peers.


  4. Thanks very much for yet another GREAT show, guys! I really, really, /REALLY/ like all the little things that Jeffrey has been telling about the show and in relevance to the episodes being discussed.

  5. Tim/Susan/Jeffery: Thanks for responding to my question about the music from “Midnight on the Firing Line” and even going so far as to post my question on the site to try to help me find out the name of the song! You guys rock!!!

    I went back and listened (as best as I could) to the song a few times and tried hard to get some of the lyrics but I am unable to get much that seems to be helping in identify the song. Something along the lines of “She must be chancer (dancer?)”, She might be my baby….”, “She wants to be a stranger…” I don’t know for sure. If I could isolate the song from Ivanova and Talia’s conversation, I could probably figure it out easier. I’ve been looking around at some of Tangerine Dream’s music and don’t seem to be able to find much in terms of vocal music that is recent. I haven’t been able to find any vocal music by Chris (Franke) either, although after listening to the song a few more times it seems like more of a classic 80’s New Wave song in the style of groups like A Flock of Seagulls, Oingo Boingo, Soft Cell, etc. and I’d be surprised if it was actually an original song composed by Chris and/or written by JMS even though I’m sure that they probably didn’t have a lot of money with which to license a lot of music but still……….I STRONGLY suspect that it was a previously released song by……….somebody, probably from sometime in the 1980’s when New Wave music was popular but given how alike they all sound, it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific artist…… far, anyway. It’s a catchy song but I’ll be damned if I can figure it out just on what I’ve been able to hear of it. If anybody has any ideas, please post it here. Thanks!

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