Babylon Podcast #184: The Fall of Centauri Prime (Season 5)

Welcome to Show #184!

Tim reads some JMS project updates, including Forbidden Planet, the Fox TV pilot, and Superman: Earth One for DC Comics

Deep Geeking: Tim and Summer discuss “The Fall of Centauri Prime”.

Londo’s journey into his solitary reign, presiding over a beaten and broken populace, is now complete. We delve deeply into motivations and consequences and we may be arguing more about Londo later.

Did Delenn do the right thing in trying to ignore Lennier’s “dying” declaration — did her actions help, or make Lennier feel worse?

Tim also calls “shenanigans” on energy-based beam weapons having a recoil significant enough to alter the trajectory of a ship that size, damaged or no.

Discussion: Michael hijacks the show and leads everyone down the gutter, and we can’t even blame the scotch this time.

Gary wonders how many other times the Vorlons made use of Sebastian’s talent for interrogation; Gary wonders if we are going to more deeply analyze the parallel journeys of Garibaldi and Londo during the 5 seasons; Gary recommends the new NASA iPhone app for those who have trouble using Heavens Above to find out where you can view the shuttle and the ISS.

Mike S suggests that fans looking for B5 fan films check out “Star Wreck”; George related an anecdote about Garibaldi’s BFG-9000; Steve puts forth a Star Trek related theory why Tim despises “Day of the Dead”.

After Jim Stiles told Summer about a parody album titled “Ramming Speed” by the band Sci-Fried and she posted about it, Jim Fredericks from the band sent in “For Whom Babylon Tolls” for us to have fun with and share with our B5 audience. We should invite Jim and the band on the show, and soon!

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  1. Gary The Great says

    I really think Delenn botched the handling of the incident with Lennier. Perhaps it was her own discomfort with the situation. It really seems out of character for Delenn who always seems to have a plan, or is always looking forward to have such a blind spot in this instance.

  2. Oh, I don’t know…I got the feeling that she was as convinced that they were going to die as Lennier.

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