Babylon Podcast #189: Feedbackapalooza

Welcome to Show #189!

At long last, Jeffrey has found his snow. And we’re working on having a field reporter out at the next shuttle launch!!

Voicemails: Rod in Nashville thinks we missed out on the full drama content of “Wheel of Fire”; Father B comments on Londo’s sacrifice in “Fall of Centauri Prime” matching up with Lady Morella’s prophecies; Edmund disagrees with Londo’s acceptance of his fate with the Drakh as part of being slave to his visions; Gary posits that he can come up a never-ending stream of voicemails for us to talk about, even if we run out of B5 material to cover; Arkle says the Sheridan surprise in “Wheel of Fire” was spoiled by the episodic trailer; Colin compares Elric’s prediction for Londo with the sky-holoprojection of Londo’s coronoation speech;

Gary wonders what about having been influenced by Vorlons makes Sheridan immune to Lyta’s attempts at mind control; Rod in Nashville says the plot flow issues from “Movements of Fire and Shadow” stem from it really needing to be “Fall”, part 1; Rod has a theory about how far and wide the Drakh had planted bombs all around Centauri Prime; Gary muses on how different the Garibaldi intervention might have been if he’d been confronted by Ivanova rather than Lochley; Rod wonders about our fascination with the Drakh keeper removal scene, and doesn’t think the sound was authentically “squishy” enough;

Gary draws a comparison between G’Kar’s rejection of the offer of leadership, and Londo’s resigned acceptance of leadership; Father B weighs in on the issue of alcoholism; Edmund adds his thoughts on the Lyta rummaging around in Garibaldi’s dreams; wonders where the name “Ulkesh” came from for the replacement Vorlon; Gary is bored enough to wonder why the podcast album art depicts Tim as a Centauri and Summer as wearing the Army of Light; Colin asks for some clarification on the original story timeline based on our comments about the way “Fall” felt like an ending; Edmund shows his appreciation for the holiday specials; Father B thinks that Tim might have deeper issues with “Day of the Dead” and other leaps of spiritual faith depicted in B5 than he’s letting on

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  1. Lowell in Columbus says

    Hi Guys – The latestest news…I got my tickets to get in and see the launch – it cost me $95.00 for the tickets and shipping but that’s ok. There are only 4 launches left and I really want to see a launch. I was able to get the week of March 14 to 20 off and we will be in Florida.
    The problem is the cold… here is the latest information from the Shuttle Discovery blog (

    Because of the change, I will not be able to see the launch. I can’t get my vacation time off changed. I don’t know if I can get a refund for the tickets.

  2. Gary The Great says

    Lowell if you see this please email through farpoint forums or on twitter. I’d be interested in acquiring them from you.



  3. My computer decided to die this week and I just now got it fixed.

    Yegads, but I am behind both on episodes and podcasts. DON’T YOU DARE GO FURTHER UNTIL I CAN CATCH UP!

  4. Lowell in Columbus says

    Gary – I am in the Forums now.

  5. I forget who it was, but somebody called in with a gag about being a drunk on a station where the room is always spinning–hate to break it to them, but jms beat him to that joke. I just rewatched “The Quality of Mercy” last week, and Londo and Sinclair have that very exchange after Londo and Lennier get in a bar fight.

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