Promoting the Podcast

Here’s something easy all of you out there can do to help raise the visibility of The Babylon Podcast: go submit reviews in both iTunes and on our The Babylon Podcast Catalog Page on the FarPoint Media website.

You can even watch a replay of the video live feed recording from that page, if you missed the live stream.

Check your subscription to the podcast if you’re currently using iTunes. If you’re not subscribed to us through the iTunes URL, unsubscribe now, and resubscribe by clicking on the iTunes link on website.

iTunes URL:

The more people who are subscribed through the iTunes link, and who leave reviews, the more promotional love the iTunes Store will show us.

Also, if you have your own podcast, or know people that make podcasts who might be interested in playing any Babylon Podcast promos on their shows, then ask them to check out and download our promos.


  1. How can we tell if we are subscribed via the iTunes URL in iTunes?

    I have been subscribed to the Babylon Podcast for a long time in iTunes, so I don’t remember how I subscribed.


    • I’m not sure you can, and about a year ago, I enabled the “new iTunes URL” in our feed so that all subscribers would eventually get our main URL, because iTunes will redirect you to our main URL.

      Go into your iTunes, and look at your podcast subscrptions. Click on the “i” after the Description field. If your URL is not then you aren’t subscribed through iTunes, you had used one of the older feed URL combinations. The catch is, it’s impossible to tell if that was subscribed through iTunes or the regular RSS feed using the same URL.

      In any event, if you have an iTunes account, leave us a review over there!

  2. Thanks for the information. Turns out I was not subscribed via iTunes. So I re-subscribed in iTunes and added a review. Of course the review is on the Canadian iTunes store.

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