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Starship: Flagship

I came across something interesting today… a Publishers Weekly blurb about a space opera series written by Mike Resnick, published by Pyr (one of my favorite imprints the past few years; Thank You, Lou Anders!).

In the list of praises for Starship: Flagship, the fifth and most recent novel in his Starship series, I found this little gem:

“The cleverness of [Cole’s] schemes and the interesting political struggles will remind genre TV fans of ‘Babylon 5’.”
Publishers Weekly

The second book in the series, Starship: Pirate, includes diagrams and “Starship” board game rules.

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Link: Starship: Flagship (Book 5 of the Starship series)


  1. Warlord2k says

    Done reading Time Odyssey. Started on Manifold series by Stephen Baxter now:)

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