Lennier Scolds Tim on “Day of the Dead”

Lennier has a message for dear Tim (and Bret?) about “Day of the Dead”:

Tim, Just let it go, already!

Thanks to Tom from Maine for his artistic endeavors. Be sure to check out the other images in his Babylon 5 Action Figures Gallery


  1. We need a Toy Fare theater after each podcast. The debacle of the Shadow figure in the B5 CCG Masterpiece collection maybe one of the greatest toy stories of all time.

  2. David from Memphis says

    While I don’t hate Day of the Dead like Tim, I am meh about the episode.

  3. While I respect Mr. Lennier’s comments – and salute the excellent work he has done both as attache to Ambassador Delenn and as a member of the Anla’Shok – the fact that he chooses to reprimand me while using Comic Sans does little to sway my opinion.

    Nice try, though.

  4. Lennier says he loves Comic Sans!

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