Is this the JMS April Surprise?

Kurt spotted this “Captain Power Returns” promo video on YouTube yesterday, including comments by JMS, Marc Scott Zicree, and folks from Urban Archipelago:

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  1. JMS posted it on his Facebook fanpage.

    The only question that remains is, will it just be a DVD release (which is all but confirmed in the photo album on the Captain Power Facebook fansite via the .net link above), or is there a reboot on the way?

    • Didn’t his earlier announcement say that Warner Bros approached him? And that he’d have info on what they wanted after April?

      So that would mean this is the announcement preceeding the big announcement, and the next announcement is the one we are really waiting for?

      I know some folks at Urban Archipelago, from the promotions we did with them on Slice of SciFi for Ray Bradnury’s CHRYSALIS… maybe I should send them an email 😉

  2. Full disclosure – I only ever watched the last two minutes of any Captain Power episode. I didn’t particularly like it, and the interactive toy tie-in left me cold, and I had no idea what a J. Michael Zyzyzyzyzyk was. Ironically, I really enjoyed Transformers: Beast Wars… the show that Larry DiTillio worked on.

  3. If this is the April surprise, I am not sure how it relates to B5? I liked Captain Power as a kid and it was a different show. Yet, I am not sure where the ground swell of support for this is coming from unless its Hollywood running out of ideas and went to the dusty toy box for something new to play with. Ironically, this will probably get off the ground before Firefly which I find hysterical.

  4. I don’t think this has anything to do with the surprise. Yesterday JMS wrote on his FB fan page in reference to the surprise that, “When I can talk, I will. These things take the time that they take.”

  5. Good grief .. I thought the April Surprise would be Babylon 5 related, or at the very least a new concept.

  6. Looks like there was a B5 connection. Someone posted this to the story in Topless Robot:

    Skrolnik in reply to jorum
    Fun fact. Tank was supposed to have come from a place called the Babylon 5 Genetic Engineering Facility. JMS later recycled the name.

  7. JMS did not recycle the name.

    BABYLON 5’s pilot script was written while he was working on CAPTAIN POWER, so the reference to Tank’s point of origin was a kind of fictional time stamp indicating the show’s beginning. He also mentioned B5–in the context of a television series–in his 1990 novel OTHERSYDE.

  8. Cool. Thanks, Jason!

  9. Neil Ottenstein says:

    Since JMS said “Proof that you can never truly escape your past. (Hell, even in prison you can get time off for good behavior.)” when posting about this development, he has something else up his sleeve for the April surprise.

  10. “Is this— ?” No, I’m sure it isn’t – see:

    “got word that the B5 r…elated stuff is still proceeding along, just can’t say anything yet…”


    “JMS: Re: the B5 thing…I’m not being coy, it’s just that over the years, it’s like B5 has been the football, the fans (and I to a degree) have been Charlie Brown, and the studios/networks have dutifully executed their role as Lucy. Consequently, I’m not saying anyTHING to anyONE for any REASON until I know for a stone cold fact that there’s ink on contracts and we’re moving ahead on something of substance.”

  11. For the official Facebook JMS fanpage, search for:

    “Fans of J. Michael Straczynski”

  12. Is no one worried about the Mattel big dollar connection? Go, JMS, but with the “non-creative” input from Mattel and the action figure sales revenue anticipated, will this parallel the Transformers story? If anyone can handle it, that would be JMS I guess.

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